Marketing Mix: It's Effect to the Customer Behavior of Mercury Drugstore

Topics: Statistics, Mean, Arithmetic mean Pages: 2 (338 words) Published: September 24, 2012
Chapter 3


This chapter contains the research design, population and sampling, data gathering, data gathering procedure and statistical treatment. Research Design
The researcher used the descriptive method of research. This enables the research to determine the effect of marketing mix to the costumer satisfaction of Mercury Drugstore in Sta. Cruz ,Laguna year 2012-2013.

Population and Sampling
In order to have real information about the customer satisfaction of mercury drugstore in P. Guevarra St. Sta. Cruz, Laguna. The researcher had chosen fifteen(15) customers of mercury drugstore.

Data Gathering Procedure
First the researcher think if what thesis title should she have and after approval of the thesis title, the researcher started to gather information in creating the chapter one of the research. Different books and thesis and websites were used in collecting information. Then, searching for related literature and related studies was followed as a part of chapter two of the study.

Data Gathering Instrument
Questionnaire will be used to collect the set off answers in the study. The questionnaire should be arranged in order to collect important information. It is will be used to measure the Effect of Marketing Mix to the Customer Satisfaction of Mercury Drugstore in P. Guevarra St. Sta.Cruz, Laguna in year 2012-2013.

Statistical Treatment
The data obtained was treated statistically with the used of the Mean and Standard Deviation to determine the Effect of Marketing Mix to the Customer Satisfaction of Mercury Drugstore.

Formula of Mean:
Mean= ∑x
∑X= Summation of value each item
N= Number of respondents
Formula of Standard Deviation:
SD= ∑(x-x)2
SD= Standard Deviation
N= Number of respondents
X= Computed mean

The t-test for correlated mean will be used to determine the significant Effect of Marketing Mix to the Customer Satisfaction of Mercury...
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