Marketing Hospitality Services in India in the 21st Century

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August 2009

Table of Contents
1. Marketing5
2. Evolution of Marketing5
3. Recent Marketing Trends6
4. Services Marketing6
4.1. Intangibility7
4.2. Heterogeneity7
4.3. Perishability7
4.4. Simultaneity/Inseparability7
5. Services Marketing: How is it different?7
6. Services Marketing challenges in the 21st Century8
6.1. Change in consumer preferences8
6.2. Change in world economy8
6.3. Change in technology9
6.4. Change in society9
7. Hospitality Services9
8. Classification of Indian services11
9. Current trends in Indian hospitality Industry12
9.1. Hotels12
9.1.1. Emergence of Budget Hotels12
9.1.2. Customer Relationship Management12
9.1.3. Employee training12
9.1.4. Adopting newest technology12
9.1.5. New opportunities and uses13
9.1.6. Increasing competition13
9.1.7. Networking13
9.2. Hospitals13
10. Current state of Indian Hospitality Industry14
10.1. Business class Hotels14
10.2. Budget Hotels15
11. Case of Indian Railway tourism16
12. Case for Budget Hotels18
13. Case of old age homes and retirement20
14. Scope for further study21
15. Bibliography22

1. Marketing

Marketing deals with identifying and meeting human and social needs in a profitable manner. It is a matching process through which an organization matches its capabilities with the customer’s needs and environmental factors. Marketing is very often confused with selling, advertising, having a good product or customer service.

Marketing is not same as selling. It is based on the concept of 'Sense-and-respond' rather than 'make-and-sell'. The aim of marketing is not to find the right customers for your product, but to find the right product for your customers. Marketing is not same as advertising. It encompasses advertising as one of its components but the scope of marketing is much broader than mere advertising and promotion. 

Marketing is not same as having a good product or service. It aims at developing a relevant product for the particular market and fulfilling the expressed or unexpressed needs of customers. It is also about selling the right product at the right place and right time. Marketing is not same as customer service. Such service programs can be a part of the overall integrated set of marketing activities, not a substitute for them. We can define marketing as a holistic process for – • Identifying markets and customers

• Understanding the needs of various customer segments
• Determining the value proposition of meeting such needs • Communicating the value proposition to the organization  • Helping to deliver these value propositions to the chosen market segments • Monitor the value delivered

2. Evolution of Marketing

According to some scholars, marketing is as old as mankind. It came into existence when the first barter took place and later evolved into the art of selling. However, some scholars believe that marketing as a discipline is a new one. It emerged in 1990s with the production concept and it gradually changed to product concept followed by selling concept. In the 1990s, concepts such as mass production were popular amongst the marketers which enabled them to deliver low cost products to customers and drastically reduced the time to market. Later, concepts such as quality and functionality gained popularity and marketers started to believe that any product or service which is superior in quality and delivers various functional benefits will definitely sell. However, the modern marketing has moved further and shifted its focus from products to customers. The philosophy of modern marketers has changed from 'make and sell' to 'sense and respond'. It focuses on understanding customer needs and delivering what customers want through a 'probe and learn' process.  The current trend in...
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