Marketing Communications Proposal for Bulldog Natural Grooming

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Marketing Communications Proposal for Bulldog Natural Grooming

The UK men’s skincare industry was a £57 million a year industry in 2008 and is highly competitive. It is still a miniature market when compared to the women’s skincare revenue which was 10 times higher in the same time. ( It is under these circumstances that Bulldog was established by Simon Duffy and Rhodri Ferrier. Bulldog is a natural-skincare brand specially formulated for men. They have aimed at differentiating their product by the organic nature of the products where most of the competitor’s products included synthetic ingredients and by refraining from animal testing for which they were accredited by the BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection). They are the only brand in the market currently with the accreditation. ( The aim of Simon Duffy is to get a Bulldog product into every bathroom in Britain and they aim to achieve this by positioning themselves as an ordinary brand for ordinary men. With the phenomenal growth experienced since the launch, it is now decided to further promote the Bulldog brand by investing in above the line promotions. The following is a marketing proposal which recommends the courses of action which needs to be undertaken in the promotion of the brand.

The key role of communications is to spark a conversation between the organisation and its stakeholders especially the target audiences. This key purpose can be summarized through the acronym DRIP (Fill, 2006) which states; Differentiate: Here the company aims at differentiating their product offers in order to establish a unique position in the consumers’ mind which acts as a competitive-advantage. Bulldog needs to differentiate itself from the largely synthetic male cosmetics by highlighting its organic nature. It also needs to differentiate their offer from organic male cosmetic brands such as Green People through being the only grooming company to be recognised and approved by BUAV for restricting animal testing and also by adoption of a fair trade strategy. Remind/Reassure: Marketing communications must remind people of needs they might have and must remind them of benefits of use. Here Bulldog must ensure that they are in the forefront of their consumers mind at the time of purchase. They must use constant communications to remind the consumers of the benefits of using organic products while reassuring them of promised benefits which are received through usage of products. Inform: This role of communications aims at conveying facts and information to current and potential customers through suitable channels. It helps in developing the knowledge of the product in the existing consumers mind while building awareness in the potential customers. Persuade: This aims at convincing and persuading potential customers to enter into a mutually beneficial relationship with Bulldog. It can also be used on existing customers by continuous post-purchase communication and through loyalty schemes which are aimed at promoting repeat purchases. The market for organic male grooming products is still in an early growth stage; therefore the marketing proposal aims at building awareness among the potential customers which plays a key role in customer acquisitions and also on differentiating the product offer of Bulldog while reminding the customers of the benefits of using organic products.

The marketing communication proposal provides a plan of action on how the communications objectives are to be achieved. The SOSTAC planning system (Smith, 2004) is used by organisations in order to plan their marketing communications activities. All elements of SOSTAC are important as they all have a part to play to ensure the...

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