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AR 670-1
There are many army regulations dealing with the army but the one that I am going to talk about today is army regulation 670-1. What is army regulation 670-1 covering in the United states army? Army Regulation 670-1 deals with the wear and appearance of military uniforms for my paper I will recite the way a person is supposed to wear their uniform in army text and then tell you what it means in my own words. Starting with the parts that deals with the reason I am writing this report right now.

AR 670-1 starts off with Part 1 which is General information and responsibilities. Part one is made up of 19 sections they are listed as followed:
1–1. Purpose
1–2. References
1–3. Explanation of abbreviations and terms
1–4. General
1–5. How to recommend changes to Army uniforms
1–6. Classification of service and utility or field uniforms
1–7. Personal appearance policies
1–8. Hair and fingernail standards and grooming policies
1–9. Uniform appearance and fit
1–10. When the wear of the Army uniform is required or prohibited
1–11. Uniformity of material
1–12. Distinctive uniforms and uniform items
1–13. Wear of civilian clothing
1–14. Wear of jewelry
1–15. Wear of eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses
1–16. Wear of identification tags and security badges
1–17. Wear of personal protective or reflective clothing
1–18. Wear of organizational protective or reflective clothing
1–19. Restrictions on the purchase, possession, and reproduction of heraldic items Being that I am a female in the united states army not all of the regulation applies to me. For instance I am not a guy so I don't have to worry about how to keep my mustache trimmed or well groomed but that doesn't mean that I should not know these things because when I do become an NCO I will have soldiers that are male that I need to keep squared away. But since I am writing this paper on myself and AR 670-1 I will us write the stuff that relates to my punishment and to me. Starting with 1-1.

1-1 is written as follows:
1–1. Purpose
This regulation prescribes the authorization for wear, composition, and classification of uniforms, and the occasions for wearing all personal (clothing bag issue), optional, and commonly worn organizational Army uniforms. It also prescribes the awards, insignia, and accouterments authorized for wear on the uniform, and how these items are worn. General information is also provided on the authorized material, design, and uniform quality control system.

This paragraph named purpose states that AR 670-1 tells you the way you should wear, put together, and how the uniform should look when you have it on. It goes on to say that the way that the army or the unit wears their uniform should not be changed but put together in an organized group. It also talks about awards, insignia,and what is allowed when it comes to the material used the way the uniform is designed and how they should be worn at all times. With the soldiers in the same uniform the army has system control. The next section 1-2 is written as followed:

1–2. References
Required and related publications are listed in appendix A.
In this section of AR 670-1 it just tells us that if we need to see the publications that they are listed in the back of the book. The next section to look at is 1-3:
1–3. Explanation of abbreviations and terms
Abbreviations and special terms used in this regulation are explained in the glossary.
This section states that all abbreviated items throughout AR 670-1 will be in the back of the glossary. 1–4. General
a. Only uniforms, accessories, and insignia prescribed in this regulation or in the common tables of allowance (CTA), or as approved by Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA), will be worn by personnel in the US Army. Unless specified in this regulation, the commander issuing the clothing and equipment will establish wear policies for...
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