Marketing Communication

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Marketing Communication
Individual Assignment

Name: Tai Tin Chun Samson
Student ID: 10490552


a) Identify a product or a service that you have purchased recently to illustrate the importance of the chosen value. Explain your attitude toward the product.

If someone asks me what the most important value of me is, I think my answer would be comfortable life. For an example, every day I must travel the MTR to go to school, although I can choose to go to school by bus, but I would not to get this method to have my journey. It is because in my values, the cost of spending the time and standing in the outdoor station to wait the bus is higher than I spend the time to wait the MTR train in the indoor station, also, you can see that it’s more comfortable. So this is showing that I’m influence my purchase decision by my self feelings and self values, also MTR this company is giving my a comfortable, safety and fast image rather than bus, and that is my internal search to feel that. Why I would have though that? This was just because in my livelihood there have many of massage that I receive which is meaning MTR is comfortable, safety and fast, send around from external, like my family, advertising, internet and more of it. So in my psychology, I will intentionally or unintentionally to collect and remember this on my mind and this is being my person’s mental images or understanding about this firm. (http://en.wikip, accessed 20/2/2012)

In addition, our subculture is let me to think that MTR is important and mainly public transport in our daily, because the MTR company keep to send out the message to create its image is positive so that assimilation to public mind .This is also a point to effect our why to travel MTR and not bus. Like we will think MTR is quiet, clean, fast and a lot of the positive point of it; but about the bus, we can have a pile of negative words to describe it, dirty, old, and...
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