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TOC \o "1-4" 1.0Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc254863429 \h 2 2.0 Problem Statement PAGEREF _Toc254863430 \h 2
3.0 Situation Analysis PAGEREF _Toc254863431 \h 2
3.1 Company’s Objective PAGEREF _Toc254863432 \h 2
3.2 Microenvironmental: Strengths PAGEREF _Toc254863433 \h 3 3.2.1 Marketing PAGEREF _Toc254863434 \h 3
3.2.2 Operation/Management PAGEREF _Toc254863435 \h 3
3.2.3 Human Resources PAGEREF _Toc254863436 \h 4
3.3 Microenvironmental: Weaknesses PAGEREF _Toc254863437 \h 4 3.3.1 IT/Marketing PAGEREF _Toc254863438 \h 4
3.4 Competitor PAGEREF _Toc254863439 \h 4
3.4.1 The Athletic Club PAGEREF _Toc254863440 \h 4
3.4.2 Goodlife Fitness PAGEREF _Toc254863441 \h 5
3.4.3 Other Competitors PAGEREF _Toc254863442 \h 6
3.5 Macroenvironment: Opportunities PAGEREF _Toc254863443 \h 6 3.5.1 Cultural/Social cultures PAGEREF _Toc254863444 \h 6
3.5.2 Demographic Forces PAGEREF _Toc254863445 \h 7
3.5.3 Technological Forces PAGEREF _Toc254863446 \h 7
3.5.4 Economic Forces PAGEREF _Toc254863447 \h 7
3.6. Macroenvironmetal: Threats PAGEREF _Toc254863448 \h 8
3.6.1 Technological Forces PAGEREF _Toc254863449 \h 8
3.6.2 Regularly/Political Forces PAGEREF _Toc254863450 \h 8
4.0 Segmentation Analysis PAGEREF _Toc254863451 \h 9
4.1 Perceptual Map PAGEREF _Toc254863452 \h 10
5.0 Strategic Alternatives PAGEREF _Toc254863453 \h 11
5.1 Alternative One: Jane and Linda PAGEREF _Toc254863454 \h 11 5.2 Alternative Two: Brad PAGEREF _Toc254863455 \h 11
5.3 Alternative Three: Linda PAGEREF _Toc254863456 \h 12
6.0 Recommendation PAGEREF _Toc254863457 \h 12
7.0 Implementation PAGEREF _Toc254863458 \h 13
8.0 Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc254863459 \h 14
References PAGEREF _Toc254863460 \h 15
Appendices PAGEREF _Toc254863461 \h 16
TOC \o "1-4"
Executive SummaryCurrently, Aradia Fitness London’s attrition rates are increasing due to their currently enrolled students insufficient strength to advance to the next level. Upon assessing the internal and external environments of Aradia Fitness and the Health Fitness Industry, it would be in Aradia’s best interest to implement the strategic “alternative one” in effect targeting the current students as the prime market and the female baby boomers as the secondary market. The alternatives considered were to target and isolate either the male demographic or the female baby boomers. However, the “alternative one” would be the easiest to implement, as it requires minimal changes to the operation. To implement the recommended alternative, Aradia would need to redesign its operation to meet the needs of both markets. 2.0 Problem StatementAradia Fitness London is facing high attrition rates due to their client’s lack of strength and flexibility to progress to the next pole dancing level. As a result, Andrea Tierney, Aradia Fitness London’s owner, must develop a marketing strategy to implement the TRX suspension training and communicate its value to Aradia’s current and prospective clientele to reduce attrition rates. 3.0 Situation Analysis3.1 Company’s ObjectiveAs identified in the problem statement, Aradia’s attrition rate is increasing. Therefore, Aradia has two objectives in order to lower the attrition rate. Firstly, Tierney needs to assure that 20% of the current students are gaining the required flexibility and strength to advance to the next level after the six-week program of TRX training. Secondly, Tierney needs to assure that the new students are satisfied with the TRX program to prevent the addition to the attrition rate problem. Both of these objectives could be measured by a survey questionnaire. 3.2 Microenvironmental: Strengths3.2.1 MarketingAradia Fitness has created a service that allows customers to form a community, which greatly adds to the value of the service (Cairns 2013). This formation could provide a sense of belonging, which could positively contribute to the atmosphere of the TRX classes. This would inspire and influence the current and new TRX students to attend the...

References: Future Watch: Consumer Interest in Technology for Health Monitoring. 2012. Euromonitor. Accessed February 20.
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