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Article title Lifeline : an example of marketing in the non-commercial arena


Corkindale, David.

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Lifeline *
An example of marketing in the non-commercial arena.


Lifeline Brisbane, over the years, has been endeavouring to come to terms with one of the important areas of the not-for-profit marketing sector. This is social marketing, defmed as that branch of marketing concerned with the uses of marketing knowledge, concepts and techniques to enhance social ends as well as with the social consequences of marketing policies, decisions and actions. Lifeline Brisbane is a Christian, charitable organisation constitutionally linked to the Uniting Church of Australia and serving the total community. The organisation of Lifeline began in 1963 in Sydney and rapidly spread to Brisbane. There are thirty-five centres around Australia and 212 centres embracing twelve nations. Each centre is autonomous, allowing it to adapt to its own local market needs and social enviromnent. Lifeline Brisbane is engaged in a large conglomerate of services which include telephone counselling, direct counselling, family counselling, material welfare assistance, providing a refuge for battered mothers, a neighbourhood centre and an in-depth program to help people with long-term life-restructuring assistance. Lifeline Brisbane is the largest centre in the world, employing over 100 people and engaging 700 volunteers. The primary goal of Lifeline Brisbane is to provide in the Brisbane area a Christian ministry of counselling, the one essential being a twenty-four hour telephone counselling and personal emergency service using trained and accredited volunteers, together with such follow-up counselling and other services as may be needed to ensure that help and support are readily accessible to persons encountering crisis in their lives. Other, secondary goals of the organisation are to develop Lifeline Brisbane as essentially a volunteer movement; to provide relevant, needed services appropriate to the primary goal; to increase the effectiveness of services provided; to develop and maintain a sound financial base; to operate as an efficient caring organisation, uniting both volunteers and staff in their common commitment to help those who calion Lifeline.

..................................................................................................................... David Corkindale based upon material supplied by Dr. Susan Dann and Terry Gatfield It is for discussion purposes and not meant to demonstrate either good or bad practice.

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Strategy development

In his report as Lifeline Brisbane's new director, Mr Bryan Evans stated that: "change has been the watchword". These changes were changes of personnel with the appointment not only of a new director but also a new business manager, co-ordinators of volunteer training and a family therapist. Financially, Lifeline Brisbane is becoming increasingly independent and less reliant on government funding to support its programs. As a result of the changes occurring to and within Lifeline Brisbane, it was decided to undertake a major review of Lifeline Brisbane's service operations and internal structures with the joint aims of providing better service to their clients and improving support to volunteers. For the director, in addition to the primary concern of providing assistance to...
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