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Introduction 1
LO1 Various elements of the marketing process 1
The benefit and costs of marketing orientation for XYX manufacturing 1-2
LO2 Macro and micro environmental factors which influence marketing decisions 2
Segmentation criteria to be used for products in different markets 2-3
Targeting Strategy for a selected product/service 3
Buyer behaviour which affects marketing activities in different buying situations 3
Buyer behaviour which affects marketing activities in different buying situations 3-4
LO3 Products development to sustain competitive advantage 4 Distribution arrangement to provide customer convenience 4-5
Price set to reflect an organisations objectives and market conditions 5
Promotional activity integration to achieve marketing objective 5
Elements of an extended marketing mix 5-6
LO4 Plan of marketing mix for two different segments in consumer markets 6
Differences in marketing products and services to business rather than consumers 6-7
Difference between domestic marketing and international marketing 7
References 8

Introduction A good marketing plan will help to keep a company ahead of the competition and transform company objectives into a strategy that will benefit the company and its customers. This assignment is to prepare a marketing plan for XYZ Manufacturing to help develop marketing strategy that will deliver its objectives.
Various elements of the marketing process
(David Jobber and John Fahy, 2003) the process of marketing planning in an organisation will vary, depending on whether a strategic or operational perspective is adopted. The strategic marketing plan differs from an operational marketing plan on two key dimensions, according to Abell (1982) which quoted. First, the strategic marketing plan deals with total strategy in a market linking customers, competitors and organisational capability. Operational marketing

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