Boots Strategic Planning and Implementation

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In current competitive business environment any company’s organisational goal is affected by company’s strategy planning and implementation. Strategic planning helps to develop internal and external future direction of the business and to define the needs to be anticipated and adapted to change with the external competitive market environment. It is related with marketing strategy, production and operations strategy, finance and other business objectives. A weak strategic marketing planning could create wastage of resources and miss the opportunities. Effective strategy is able to correlate the different operations within the organisation in order to reach a common goal. Graeme Drummond, John Ensor, Ruth Ashford (2008) Strategic Marketing: Planning and Control (3rd edition)

Task1: Alliance Boots

Alliance Boots the chosen company for this essay is a leading global pharmacy-led health and beauty group which offering a vast range of products and services to its customers. In Goose Gate, Nottingham Boots opens the first store in 1849, selling herbal remedies.

Reason selection and its corporate strategy:

Alliance Boots have a strong planned governance of the organization, and the strategic marketing planning towards the pharmacy-led health & beauty deal and pharmaceutical wholesaling and distribution market. Alliance Boots operates in highly good-looking markets with possible for important long term growth.

Through its every day’s action in addition to operation, it is team play, a significant role in contributing to the largely development of healthcare in the communities they serve. Alliance Boots works within such a unique sector, helping millions of consumers and patients look and feel their best.

The merger among Alliance UniChem and Boots Group has created an worldwide pharmacy-led health and beauty organization. The health and beauty group comprises 3,000 vend outlets, of which about 2,700 have a pharmacy. Also, there is a wholesale network of over 380 depots serving in 125,000 outlets. They also operate over 400 pharmacies in Norway, Netherlands, Thailand, the Republic of Ireland and Italy.

Their strategy is to focus on its two core business activities of pharmacy-led health & beauty trading and pharmaceutical wholesaling and allocation, whereas increasingly rising and internationalising its product brands to make a third dimension.

Their strategy includes, core businesses in existing markets, continuing to distribute productivity improvements and all other cost savings, pursuing expansion opportunities in discriminating new high growth markets and launching product brands in new markets. This strategy is underpinned by our sustained focus on patient or customer needs and service, selective partnerships and its strong financial disciplines.

Principles of strategic planning:

Various choices of theories and principles are being used these days in the process of strategic marketing planning. Here are some examples of planning principles and range of tools and technique-

Principle: Strategic planning principles are those elements which are used for strategic marketing planning such as systematic approach, concepts, sequencing and scheduling of activities, resource requirements, time framing, monitoring and controlling of elements.

Processes: strategic marketing planning processes are strategic marketing analysis, setting objective of the marketing strategy, evaluation of options, choice, formulation, implementation and control. For example Peter Doyle, Malcolm McDonald processes of planning.

Marketing strategy: there are several marketing strategy shown below Setting marketing objectives and marketing strategy
* segmenting
* targeting
* positioning

Marketing activity strategies for product/service,
* Pricing,
* Distribution,
* Promotion (advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, direct marketing,...

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