Market Selection

Topics: Marketing, South Korea, International trade Pages: 4 (1265 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Market Selection

Market selection is very important to all companies that make international trade with other countries. The market selection process should result in a prioritized market portfolio, a prioritized list of markets worthy of investment and pursuit. Actually, the market selected must hold the growth potential needed to achieve the desired revenue objectives. Unfortunately, the market selection process is fraught with problems. Most of which can be tied directly to the way markets are tradinionally defined to begin with. The imporantan for the market selection based our company that is which of the many selection of market oversesea should our firm enter? and what mode sholud the invovlement in the selected market table for our company? The marker selection can be applied for our company such as production, sales, customer, strategic marketing, and social marketing. Although the the population and income may give a rough estimate of market size, seldom can the same marketing mix be used to convince virtually an entire population to consume a product. Our compani must segment market for our product that is Tongkat Ali to decide through demographics, such as income, age, gender, ethinicity and religion or combination of factor.

Product Orientation

Our company is focus primarily on Tongkat Ali with efficiency and high quality of product with little emphasis on marketing. Rather than analyzing consumer in North Korea, they need to a high degree, and our manager, Syed Mahadi assume that customer want lower price of Tongkat Ali product . Based on product orientation there are three cases that is commodity sales, passive exports and foreign niches. In comodity sales, our company sell different materials and agricultural commodity primarily based on price, because of universal demand. For passive exports, our company begin exporting very passively by filling unsolicited request from abroad. At this ponint of level, we adapt Tingkat Ali vey little,...
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