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According to Svend (2011), global marketing can be defined to find and satisfy global customers needs better than the competition, and to coordinate marketing activities within the constraint of the global environment. In the essay, it will focus on the topic: In what kinds of ways that Argos's strategy could be accorded with the needs of Chinese customers? Which means, is there an opportunity for Argos to adjust itself to adapt the environment of the Chinese and attract the focus of the customer in China. In other words, if it is possible to open a store in NanJing, jiangsu province of china, and of course it aims to expand throughout the whole china. Argos is a kind of unique multi-channel retailer considered as choice, value and convenience. It sells general products and merchandise on-line and by phone to the family through the UK and Republic of Ireland from more than 700 stores. It sales £4.3 billion and employs about 33000 people. (Argos 2012) multi-channel sales participation has continued to grow and now represents £1.9bn or 48% of Argos' total sales (Argos 2012). Total Internet orders, including Check & Reserve, grew to comprise 39% of Argos' total sales,with the remaining 9% of multi-channelsales being products ordered in-store for home delivery or by telephone. In the past year, it provides more than 130 million customers through the shops a year, and it takes up to 26% of sales income only through the Internet channel. Four million customer orders either by phone or on-line(Argos 2012). On average, there are about 18 million British families, in other words, there is about two thirds of the whole population of the United Kingdom, having Argos catalogue at any time at home.(Annual report 2011). However, according to country intelligence report(2012), the article presents the economic outlook and assumptions for 2012-2016 for Great Britain. It predicts a 0.5% decline in gross domestic product (GDP) in August 2012. The chairman of the Argos, oliver also announced : ''This year hasseen benchmark profit before tax reduce by 60% to £102 million as a result of the difficult trading environment. Our businesses have responded with robust management of costs and by maintaining a clear focus on cash.'' Of course, it is necessary for Argos to find a way to recover its revenue. It would be an efficient way for Argos to fight with reduction to enter a new market. If we look at the news of that, in 2011, Argos was setting up a £45 million joint venture with Chinese manufacturing giant Haier, we can see that Argos showed the desire of march of Chinese market(Crips 2011). Argos get abundant experience in online retailing. As giant company in china, haier get mature distribution network in China. So it would be useful to combine these two advantages. It would be necessary to analyse the macroscopic environment of the market before entering it. We can use PESTLE model to analyse the external environment of the market in NanJing. Political

The Chinese new leaders of the government delivered the message of that, in the following several years, China will continue to focus on the fast development policy. So there would be a stable environment around the China. Meantime, China has been a member of the WTO from the year 2001(GOV, 2005), there would be less trade barriers and less tackles before the entering of the Argos. Economic

Although the decline of the Great Britain's economic, the chines economy keep growing and overtook japan as the world's second biggest economy. And at the same time, China's consumer confidence index continues to rise, higher than the global average. According to Deloitte (2011),China's gross domestic product (GDP) reached RMB 39.8 trillion, an increase of 10.3% over the previous year, and...

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