Market Entry Plan of South Beauty

Topics: Singapore, Asian cuisine, Chinese cuisine Pages: 10 (3194 words) Published: January 20, 2013
1. Executive Summary1
2. Introduction2
2.1 Objective3
2.2 Background of South Beauty Restaurant3
2.3 Food features of South Beauty Restaurant4
2.4 History of South Beauty Restaurant5
3. Market environment analysis6
3.1 Culture and Environment of Singapore6
3.2 Food Beverage Industry in Singapore7
4. Market entry Plan9
4.1 Objective of market entry plan9
4.2 Market entry strategies10
4.3Marketing Strategies11
5. Marketing Budget Plan12
6. Conclusion12
7. List of References13

1. Executive Summary
South Beauty has setup 70 restaurants within 18 cities around China currently, all the units are profitable, that will accelerating the company expansion at mainland and exploring overseas markets. According to the South Beauty plan, the mainland operation keep for profit, but the exploration of international markets is mainly for branding. The company also creates a new brand called "Steam" to setup fast-food restaurants. Meanwhile, at the preparatory stage of cooking, the South Beauty plans to strengthen its efforts in standardizing processes to control the costs and quickening expansion. This article makes the market entry plan for South Beauty expansion to Singapore Market. 1. First part, understand the background of South Beauty Restaurant of China. 2. Second part, understands the market environment of Singapore, and bases the SWOT to analysis South Beauty Restaurant for market entry strategies selection. 3. Last part, built a market entry plan with Simulation data of marketing budget for South Beauty Restaurant entry to Singapore market.

2. Introduction
2.1 Objective
The international market expansion is an important decision for every enterprise development. At present, Chinese catering enterprise are backward phenomenons at international expansion. As the first brand of South Beauty in Chinese catering industry, has a strong development potential lead by chairwomen Ms.Zhang Lan. With the development of the enterprise, The South Beauty expansion to foreign market has become inevitable. In order to realize the expansion strategy better, make Chinese famous catering enterprises entering Singapore which is the target market, this paper introduced The South Beauty background and history, understand the Singapore market environment, through the SWOT method, Analysis and budgeting the South Beauty enter the Singapore market. If The South Beauty can smoothly enter the Singapore market, become a crucial step of the Chinese catering enterprises to towards to internationalization development, also is the key measure of national economic development. At the same time, also promote the unique Chinese Food to the people of all ethnic groups in the world. 2.2 Background of South Beauty Restaurant

The South Beauty Restaurant (Chinese named: Qiao Jiang Nan) was founded on May of 2000 by Ms Zhang Lan, She opened the first restaurant of South Beauty in CBD international trade center of Beijing. In 2002, the first exotic restaurant launched in Times Square of Huaihai Road in Shanghai, that is South Beauty expanded beyond Beijing since then chain restaurant begins. At the end of September 2012, South Beauty Restaurants has founded 70 restaurants throughout 18 cities within 15 provinces of China. With many years’ experience and development to possessing nearly 70 restaurants, make it becoming the chain enterprise leader of Chinese style dinner. The South Beauty Restaurant Built “Fashion, classical, grade, reverence” as corporate business philosophy to show their unique enterprise spirit. Propagate culinary culture of the five thousand years traditional culture of china, to devote the South Beauty Restaurant to a world-class Chinese dinner brand as the pursuit of business objectives. The founder of South Beauty keeps the corporate social responsibility (CSR) into their enterprise culture. They announced was...

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