Mark Twain's The Damned Human Race

Topics: Human, The Animals, Animal rights, Animal testing, Morality, Mammal / Pages: 2 (367 words) / Published: Nov 14th, 2017
In The Damned Human Race, Mark Twain compares the behaviors of higher animals and human beings to prove his contrary point to the Darwinian theory. Twain provides many good examples with evidence t support them from the experiments at London Zoological Gardens. Twain says that humans are selfish and the only kind to be cruel. Twain says that humans are the only kind to inflict on pain onto others with pleasure, he states that this trait is not known to the higher animals. Twain says that humans are selfish and wasteful, they they kill their own type for nothing, for no use of them. The higher animals only kill what they need and use. Twain comes to the conclusion that humans are the at the very bottom and nothing can go below man. Twain believes

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