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¿Do you agree that marihuana should be legal? Why or why not?

Marijuana is considered one of the drugs most used in the whole world and is seen as one of the biggest enemies. ¿What is marihuana? This is a dry herb that is cut into small pieces and it can be smoked like a cigarette, better known as “porro”. Regardless of the name, this drug is a hallucinogen substance which distorts how the mind perceives the world in which they live. The possession of marihuana in many places are considered illegal, while in other countries and cities such as Amsterdam, they have legalized marijuana as a free consumption of these product. Small quantities of marijuana have been allowed in regions such as South America, Europe and North America and in the United States some places such as Washington, legalized as a medial purpose the consumption of this product. The Bad use of marihuana, may have high risk personal and legal level.

Many people ask the question why tobacco and alcohol are legal and marijuana is not? People believe that smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol do not cause addiction and dependence instead of marijuana but this is a wrong thought. The fact that a person consumes 20 cigarettes a day makes them addicts because their bodies are so use to nicotine that is a pleasure and a necessity to smoke. It is clear that alcohol is bad for health when it is consumed in high quantities and it also cause addiction and dependence in the substance as well as any other drug. That is why in a certain point of view it is illogical that marijuana is not legal when the other killing products are in the market being sold daily. It is known that marijuana has secondary effects such as hallucinations, rapid heartbeat, death of brain neurons in a short-term period and that is why government believe that legalization would be a big step for the world to change in a bad way and have a high level of consumers addicted to drugs.

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