Margin Call

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Margin Call

Margin call was a compelling movie that illustrates an early view of the businessmen who discovered early on the fatal truths of the mortgage-based securities during the crash of 2008. A risk analyst Peter Sullivan discovers that current volatility in the market has threatened these mortgaged-based securities, which were generating most of the firm’s profits. The losses according to the data would cause trillions of dollars to vanish and close the bank completely. The movie displays the drama behind what these early discoverers had found and the tough ethical decisions they had to make during the process.

The apocalyptic math model began to be formed by Peter Sullivan’s mentor Eric Dale, who had just recently been released from the company due to downsizing. Eric gave a flash drive of his started work to Peter as he was leaving the building after being let go. Peter finished what Eric had started and showed it to his new immediate boss Will Emerson, who didn’t understand it nearly as well as Peter or Eric. It’s very ironic how as you go up the chain of command, the less and less people understand how the business works. Will then went to Sam, Sam went to Tuld, who was the boss of all bosses and Tuld told Peter to explain the dilemma tto him “as if he were explaining it to a small child or a dog.”

The company makes the decision to sell their soon to be worthless assets, which will not only lose them customers, but give them a bad reputation. It definitely isn’t a happy ending, but Sam does succeed in getting his workers to sell as many of their assets possible before everyone else realizes what is happening.
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