Marco Polo

Topics: Mongol Empire, Kublai Khan, Marco Polo Pages: 3 (1166 words) Published: November 17, 2013
Marco Polo
When I was younger one of my favorite games to play in a swimming pool was “Marco Polo”. Little did I know that this famous childhood game was named after the famous explorer, Marco Polo himself. It is said that the reason the game was named after him was because one day Polo was traveling through China and grew very tired. He fell asleep on his horse and wondered away from the rest of his group. Later, he heard his group members calling his name, “Marco”. In return he called back to them, “Polo”, so they would be able to find him. However, this popular game is not only what Polo is originally known for. He has written a book titled, The Travels of Marco Polo, which is what we commonly call it in English. Within the book Polo has written all about his experiences he witnessed when he traveled to China along the Silk Road in 1271. Even though it is easy to make judgments about the bizarre culture other countries might have, his writing shows a positive outlook on the way of life the Chinese once lived. In addition, he has also inspired many other explorers to go out and see the world and witness all the rich culture Polo once experienced. It was first Polo’s father, Nicolo Polo and uncle, Maffeo who visited China and met with emperor Khan; who was the ruler of China at that time. He liked both of the explorers and decided to treat them with much honor. According to Manuel Komroff who wrote the book, The Travels of Marco Polo Revised from Marsden's Translation, the emperor wanted them to return home to the Pope and requested peace between the two countries and that they bring back a hundred educated missionaries to convert the Chinese to Christianity (Komroff viiii). When they returned to Venice they recruited Polo on their expedition and all of them traveled back to China when Polo was just seventeen years old. It took them about four years to reach China again and spent about seventeen years living there. It is important to also acknowledge that the...
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