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Topics: Christopher Columbus, Isabella I of Castile, Niña Pages: 4 (574 words) Published: November 24, 2013
 Description of the Discovery of America From Christopher Columbus, Journals,

Thursday, October 11, and Friday October 12, 1492.  In Columbus Journal he

obviously talks about his discoveries but goes more into detail. During these two

days Columbus finds the Indies along with its vibrant green trees, various fruits,

water, and the unclothed people of the land.  The people of this land had very long,

tough hair like the mane of a horse, they painted their bodies in various colors, they

were very generous, and didn't carry arms because they didn't know what "arms"

was.  When Columbus first arrived he gave them red cups and a string of glass beads

to wear around their neck and in return they came swimming back to the ship,

"bringing us parrots, cotton thread in balls, and spears, and many other things

which they bartered for". When Columbus came across all these finding of the Indies

he called two captains to be witnesses so of him taking possession of the island for

his king and queen the masters.

     Paradise Found and Lost by Daniel J. Boorstin presents a document of Columbus

Voyages across the seas in 1493.  At the beginning of Columbus Voyage he decided to

write a letter to address Ferdinand and Isabella about his big accomplishments.  But in

this letter he does not including the disasters that have occurred, "the loss of the flagship,

Santa Maria, the insubordination of Martin Alonso Pinson, the commander of the Pinta or

the mutinous spirit of the crew".  On his first voyage he touched the north coast of Cuba

and there in search of a shrub that smelled like cinnamon, instead found Rheum

Rhaponticum a strong cathartic drug that we now use for pies and tart. On his second

voyage Columbus set sail with three small caravels, seventeen vessels, at least twelve

hundred men, six priests, and numerous officials, all to help set up a trading post in the Hispaniola.  Although...
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