Topics: Massachusetts Bay Colony, United States, New England Pages: 3 (683 words) Published: October 14, 2013

Fenderson, Febee
AP US History
Period 4

Unit 1 Terms

1. Anne Bradstreet—Puritan poet in colonial New England whose writings served as early public struggles against female treatment in that time period 2. Anne Hutchinson—Arguably the first American feminist who, despite living in an early Puritan colony, publicly called for gender equality 3. Antinomianism—A belief that emerged after the Protestant Reformation that Christians are free from any laws by their faith in God 4. Chesapeake Bay—The largest estuary in the United States that served as an important English settlement beginning in 1607 with the arrival of colonists 5. Church of England—England’s official Christian church that was first spread worldwide by English colonization 6. Colombian Exchange—A period of cultural and biological exchanges between Europeans and the indigenous peoples of the Americas 7. Congregational Church—Protestant Christian churches that arose after the Puritan Reformation where each congregation handles its own affairs 8. Conquistadors—Explorers sent from the Spanish Empire to conquer territories and open trade routes in the Americas and other lands 9. Dominion of New England—An administrative union of English colonies in the New England region created by James II to tighten his control 10. Enclosure Movement—A process in the 18th century that took public land and transformed it into privately owned land 11. Fundamental Orders of Connecticut—Written like a constitution, these orders set up the structure and powers of the government created by Connecticut towns 12. Glorious Revolution—Overthrow of King James II; William and Mary became leaders 13. Head right system—Portions of land about 50 acres given to people whom brought indentured servants 14. Hernan Cortes—Spaniard who conquered the Aztecs

15. House of Burgesses—First legislative assembly of elected representatives in North America 16. Indentured Servitude—Form of debt bondage; established in early American...
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