Marc Newson

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Marc Newson

Background Information

Marc Newson is an Australian born designer. He was born in Sydney and in his childhood he mostly travelled Europe and Asia. He then studying jewellery and sculpture at Sydney College of Arts. When he was studying he started working around with various furniture designs as a student. He graduated in the year 1984 and became a designer. The thing which inspired Newson to become n designer could have probably been influenced by the amount of travel he did in his early child hood, as he travelled a lot going to places like Europe and Asia a lot. The other thing which would have influenced him to become a designer is probably the fact that he was studying jewellery and sculpture in Uni and developed an interest in making designs then.


The things which most probably inspire Newson is the amount of travel he did when he was a child and the amount of travel he did after becoming a designer. After becoming a designer he moved to Japan. When he moved to Japan he created many futuristic designs probably influenced by the amount of technological advancement in Japan. In Japan he designed Orgone Lounge, Black hole Table and Felt Chair all futuristic designs. So thing which influences him is the kind of environment he working in.


Marc Newson creates various types of products, but mainly he makes furniture designs( famous furniture designs ). He also worked of the designs of Interiors of various places and designing concept objects like an Ford Concept Car. The kinds of designs Newson creates are heavily influenced by the type of environment he is staying in, or the kind of product the company wants made of him. He has worked on various famous projects, like designing a Concept Car for Ford and creating the interior of Quantas Airways A380 fleet and to design new airport lounges for Airports of Sydney and Melbourne. His design is influenced by the Futuristic design style as all his designs have that...

Bibliography: The official Marc Newson Website.
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