Manufacturing System

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A&A Toy Manufacturing Company

Observed that the flow of information and logistics management between the client A&A Toy Manufacturing Company and its partners are not yet optimal, it is decided to recommend some information software to the client. As the company still adopting manual accounting system, it caused messy collection of financial and accounting data and human errors. The above problems would be burdens that affect managers’ decision making. In the hope of solving these problems an Accounting Information System (AIS) would be recommend to A&A Toy Manufacturing Company. The client has few employees, so it does not hold a well-structured system to management the employees. The following problems were observed: incomplete labor record, overlapped job duties and difficulties in calculating MPF. To improve human resource management of the client, a Human Resources Management System (HRIS) would be recommended. As the company is not using a well Logistic Information System (LIS), the schedule of importing raw materials is messy; communication with customers is also poor. It is decided to recommend a Logistic Information System to tackle the problems stated above. The lack of Manufacturing Information System (MFIS) created difficulties like volume of inventory has not clearly stated and a scheduled operation is unable to run. A manufacturing information system can hopefully solve the difficulties. It is going to recommend Accounting Information System (AIS), Human Resources Management System (HRIS), Logistic Information System (LIS) and Manufacturing Information System (MFIS) for A&A Toy Manufacturing Company to improve their daily operation. Methods used to tackle the project

Firstly, we drafted a project outline by brainstorming. Secondly, we discussed on the type of product that the manufacturing company produced. Thirdly, according to the nature of toy manufacturing company, we picked 4 information systems which benefit for the operation of the business. Based on the toy manufacturing company, we have to state what problems that a toy manufacturing company always faced. Lastly, we have to find the information on the selected 4 information systems that helps to tackle the above problems. In the process of doing the project, we faced a lot of difficulties. Then we sought help from our lecturer. So, the project can be finished on time. Our group found a lot of relevant information on the Internet, especially from wiki. Abundant of information are provided to be reference for our project. Logistic Information System (LIS)

The logistics Information System is the system managing and controlling information handling processes optimally with respect to flow time and capacity, storage, distribution and presentation in such a way that it contributes to company results in concurrence with the costs of capturing like creation, searching and maintenance. The Logistics Information System is made up of the following information systems: * Sales Information System

* Purchasing Information System
* Inventory Controlling
* Shop Floor Information System
* Plant Maintenance Information System
* Quality Management Information System
Function of Logistic Information System (LIS)
* Correct information product at the accurate point of time * Correct format / quality
* Create planning data
* Provide an easy-to-use planning functions to support forecasting function * Plan, control, and monitor business events at different stages in the decision-making process * Flexible tools for collecting, aggregating and analyzing data from the operative applications Situation:

A&A Toy Manufacturing Company has faced several problems nowadays. It has a poor management in logistic. First, the schedule of importing raw materials is messy. The company does not have a well-organized to manage the inventory stock. It is time-consuming and inefficient for the...
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