A Logistics Department of a Company

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A logistics department of a company

Analysis of Business Operations
Group 7
Chao Chen
Mu Liu


This paper mainly talks about a logistics department of a company which I worked for nearly three years. At first, it provides an introduction of this company and its logistics department. And after that, it indicates the problem the department faced now and points out the requirements of it when faces those problems. The main problems are too many workers in this department; unfair working circumstances and different orders from different kinds of customers will lead to a terrible result and make a bad atmosphere. And the requirements is that if there is a software which can help the logistics department to make a decision of each order can solve all those problems and make some improvements. Second, it will give a result of our analysis of this department by using some management technics. Third, it will show goals, like time saving, efficiency increasing, operational improvements, profits increasing, we appreciate to achieve and obstacles, such as information collecting, prediction, wage standard, we’ll face during this process. At last, it provides a wonderful future we’ll have since every obstacle has been solved. This company will finally get improvement in employees working, decrease in cost and increase in profit if every problem has been well solved.

Table of Contents
Analysis of actuality4
Project Justification5
Plan response6
The problem occurs in the department7
The problem will lead to what kind of impact7
How to solve the problem8
Time saving:8
Efficiency increasing:8
Operation improvements:9
Profits increasing:9
Cost of software development9
Information collection10
Wage standard10
Improved employee working10
Decreased cost11
Increased profit11

First of all, we will introduce what does logistics means. Logistics usually means a management which used to manage the flow of goods between customers and companies. They just like the origins and the destination of a logistics. It contains a lot of things, such as the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing and packaging. Since the logistics is an important element of supply chain, it will influence the value of time and place utility. Nowadays, logistics is involved in many fields such as food, equipment and facilities.

We decide to focus on a logistics department of a company. It’s a company which I worked for nearly 3 years. It’s a local company in my hometown which produces and sells condimental. For this research, we’ll put our eyes on the logistic department.

It’s an important part of this company which will received orders from the selling department and make decision about how to deliver this order, including which driver, what kind of truck and which time. This department including 12 people, a manager and 11 workers, and 12 trucks, 5 medium trucks which can bear 2T and 7 small truck which can bear 1T. Each truck will be used by a driver and a person who helps the driver to upload and download goods.

We will discuss the problem and the requirement of this department, try to figure out the reasons of these problems and use some technics to analysis it and give some suggestions to this department about how to solve these problems and how to get improvements at the same time. What’s more, we also mention obstacles they will face when overtake these problems. Finally, we draw a conclusion about what kind of improvements the company will get since they finish all those works. Analysis of actuality

This department faces a very difficult problem. The company has two types of customers, supermarkets and chain stores, retail sellers. There’s a big difference between orders from these two customers. Supermarkets and chain stores will order 2 or 3 times a week,...
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