Manufacturing Industry in Bangladesh and Malaysia

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Manufacturing Industry in Bangladesh and Malaysia
Bangladesh economy achieved an economic growth of 5.8% during 2000-2009. The economy is rapidly growing. The per capita income in 2010 was around $1,700. Garment industry dominates Bangladesh, which grew at double-digit rates through most of the 1990s. About 1.5 million people, mostly women, were employed in the garments sector by late 1990s. Bangladesh’s export was dominated by garments. It represented around 52% of Bangladesh’s total exports worth around $3125 million. Bangladesh overtook India in apparel exports. India had exports of $2.27 billion while Bangladesh’s was $2.27 billion. Bangladesh is known for its muslin and silk fabric. Other industries which have shown very strong growth include the chemical industry, steel industry, mining industry and the paper and pulp industry. In 2010, the GDP of Malaysia was $14,700. Malaysia’s manufacturing industry is growing rapidly since 1980s when it transitioned from an agricultural economy to an industrial one. International trade is critical for the country. It was the largest producer of rubber, palm oil and tin. Manufacturing influences the country’s economy to a large extent. The available labor force was 11.91 million in 2011. Manufacturing industry is dominated by rubber and palm oil processing and manufacturing, light manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, electronics, tin mining and smelting, logging, timber processing, logging, petroleum production, agriculture processing, petroleum production and refining, logging. I chose Bangladesh as I know less about this country and would love to improve my knowledge about this country. I then chose Malaysia as it is one of the fastest growing Asian economies and would love to work there and this paper would give me real insight about the country. I would rate these two countries based on political, economic and socio cultural factors and based on the ratings would prepare the attractiveness report. I...
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