Manufacturing Industry

Topics: Industry, Manufacturing, Chemical industry Pages: 6 (2090 words) Published: June 11, 2013
Manufacturing industry refers to those industries which involve in the manufacturing and processing of items and indulge in either creation of new commodities or in value addition. The manufacturing industry accounts for a significant share of the industrial sector in developed countries. The final products can either serve as a finished good for sale to customers or as intermediate goods used in the production process. 2.2.1 Working of manufacturing industry:

Manufacturing industries are the chief wealth producing sectors of an economy. These industries use various technologies and methods widely known as manufacturing process management. Manufacturing industries are broadly categorized into engineering industries, construction industries, electronics industries, chemical industries, energy industries, textile industries, food and beverage industries, metalworking industries, plastic industries, transport and telecommunication industries. Manufacturing industries are important for an economy as they employ a huge share of the labour force and produce materials required by sectors of strategic importance such as national infrastructure and defence. However, not all manufacturing industries are beneficial to the nation as some of them generate negative externalities with huge social costs. The cost of letting such industries flourish may even exceed the benefits generated by them. Owing to the emerging technologies world wide, the world manufacturing industry has geared up and has incorporated several new technologies within it's purview. Economists consider the World manufacturing industry as a sector which generates a lot of wealth. Generating employment, introducing latest techniques, real earnings from shipments etc., have put the world manufacturing industry in a favorable position. With the implementation of the concept of eco friendly environment, world manufacturing industry has taken several measures to ensure that the manufacturing industries worldwide abide by the eco friendly norms. World manufacturing industry also plays an important role in the defense of a country. By manufacturing aircrafts which play a vital role in the country's defense, the aerospace manufacturing industry acts as a shield. Other industries in the manufacturing sector manufactures products which are indispensable in our daily lives. With regard to the GDP or gross domestic product, world manufacturing industry contributes to the global economy as well as the global GDP. 2.2.2 Manufacturing Industry in India

The manufacturing industry in India, has all the qualities which enhance economic development, increase the productivity of the manufacturing industry and face competition from the global markets. The Manufacturing industry in India is believed to have the potential of improving the economic condition of India. Indian economy has made significant progress over the last few years, with the gross domestic product (GDP) growing at an average rate of 5.3 per cent. The country is the world's third largest economy in terms of the purchasing power parity (PPP) and has investments amounting to nearly a trillion dollars lined up in partnership with the private sector in the coming years. Manufacturing, as an industry segment, is a crucial cog in the wheel of progress and has largely insulated the Indian economy from a future global turmoil; thanks to its innovation-driven orientation. The Government has also ensured a suitable manufacturing eco-system for domestic and international majors by strengthening the sector in every possible way. India's manufacturing sector is poised for immense growth in future owing to its eminent talent pool in science, technology and research. Deloitte's global index, 2013, for 38 nations, has ranked India the fourth most competitive manufacturing nation, behind China, the US and Germany. Not only this, but even the Global...
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