Manufacturing and Surface Processing Operation

Topics: Manufacturing, Industry, Economy Pages: 4 (576 words) Published: December 20, 2010
The American University in Cairo
School of Sciences and Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering

MENG 339: Fundamentals of Manufacturing Processes

Sol. Assigt # 1
Manufacturing Overview

Review Questions

1. What are the differences between primary, secondary and tertiary industries? Give an example of each category.

Answer. A primary industry is one that cultivates and exploits natural resources, such as agriculture or mining. A secondary industry takes the outputs of primary industries and converts them to consumer and capital goods. Examples of secondary industries are textiles and electronics. A tertiary industry is in the service sector of the economy. Examples of tertiary industries are banking and education. ____________________________________________________________


2. How are product variety and production quantity related when comparing typical factories?

Answer. Generally production quantity is inversely related to product variety. A factory that produces a large variety of products will produce a smaller quantity of each. A company that produces a single product will produce a large quantity. ____________________________________________________________


3. Define manufacturing capability.

Answer. Manufacturing capability refers to the technical and physical limitations of a manufacturing firm and each of its plants. Three categories of capability include technological processing capability, physical size and weight, and production capacity. ____________________________________________________________


4. How does a shaping process differ from a surface processing operation?

Answer. A shaping process changes the geometry of the work material (machining or forging). A surface processing operation does not alter the geometry, but instead alters the properties and/or appearance of the surface of the work...
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