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Topics: Corporation, Three-sector hypothesis, Business law Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: November 14, 2013
Unit P1 Assignment
To; Mr Keith Spearing, Managing Director of Spearing & Sons Ltd From; Katie Hodge
Date; 19th September 2013
Terms of reference; Mr White Deadline date; 27th September Procedure;

Organisations come in many different sizes, sectors, ownership and scale. The size of the business depends how many employees there are. For example they’re categorised into micro, small, medium and large. Micro organisations have a maximum of 9 employees, small organisations have a max number of 49 employees, medium organisations have a max of 249 employees and large organisations have a max number of 250 employees. The scale of a business depends whether it’s local, regional, national or global. The different sectors consist of primary, private, public, secondary and tertiary. My report is going to cover two contrasting organisations which I will describe. The two I have chosen is sole trader and partnership. Findings;

The sole trader business I picked is called Han’s hairdresser which is run by one individual. The location of the hairdressers is on the high street of Salisbury. The purpose of the business is to provide a service which is cutting and styling hair. They also sell goods for example they sell the hair products by Paul Mitchell. The scale of the business is local as there’s only one of the hairdressers. The size of the business is micro as it has less than 9 employees and because the income is small. It’s in the tertiary sector. This is the third industrial sector and it involves providing a service rather than a manufactured item. The advantages of a sole trader are that they can maintain full control of their business, and running it how they please without the interference of others. Data is kept private about sole traders unlike that of limited companies which is sometimes made public. Sole traders can offer a more personal service if they’re in a small area this can be appealing to potential customers in the...
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