Manual for Teachers for the Essential H

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Manual for Teachers

for the Implementation of the Essential
Health Care Program in Schools

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Bella Monse, Ella Naliponguit, Habib Benzian, Wim van



DepED Orders No. 56 and No. 65




1. Handwashing


2. Toothbrushing


3. Deworming


4. Roles & Responsibilities


5. How to Create a Supportive Environment


6. Monitoring


who have contributed to this publication.

Checklist for Teachers


In partnership with



Palenstein Heldermann
Recommended citation:

Monse B et al. Fit for School Inc. (2010) Manual for teachers for

Bella Monse, Jana Gerold, Cromwell Bacareza, Roswitha Heinrich-

the implementation of essential health care program in schools.

Weltzien, Jymer Maagad, Ivan Sarenas, Democrito Figueroa Jr.

Fit for School Inc., Cagayan de Oro, Philippines


ISBN 978-3-86582-926-9

Fit for School acknowledges the invaluable input of Alexander Schratz, Cromwell Bacareza, Democrito Figueroa Jr., Vera Franke, Vicente Belizario, Roswitha Heinrich-Weltzien, Dietmar Schug, Jennifer Sardo Infirri, Richel Corilla, Merlie Asprer, Rafael Oclarit, Kristine Dalpatan, Division of Misamis Oriental, Division of Cagayan de Oro and all teachers, parents and health personnel


The Third Edition of the Teacher's Manual for the
Essential Health Care Program (EHCP) serves as
the showcase output of this laudable program of
the Department of Education (DepEd) with local
governments that earned prestigious international

“Through this program, we can give each child beneficiary a way to better health making them truly fit for school and able to achieve their maximum potential in education and

This manual will guide you on the implementation
of this program that reaches more than one million
public elementary school children in many provinces
nationwide. You will be able to influence tangible
health improvements to children who suffer from a
high burden of preventable diseases - intestinal worms,
diarrhea, and tooth decay. Through this program, we
can give each child beneficiary a way to better health
making them truly fit for school and able to achieve their
maximum potential in education and development.
Together with the support of the Department of Health,
the German Development Cooperation (GTZ), Fit For
School Inc., other private sector and non-government
organizations, and stakeholders, we can be models for
multi-sector collaboration in giving good education and
good health to the Filipino children. Our partnership can
become world standard as EHCP is...

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