Manpower Management Approach

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Management Approach: Top Down management can help organize well of the staff in order to maintain good quality of the products. Since the factory’ organizational structure indicates the supervisors and leaders can lead the workers to perform well in every order.

Management Policies:
A) Environment: Identify key roles and responsibilities which can affect the environmental outcomes of the project. Also, ensure the production line meet the ISO14001 requirements. B) Safety Standard: The plant should cover emergency contact information; standard emergency procedures, potential on-site hazards as well as contingency plans are also in place. Besides, there are clear regulations stating the safety standard of the operation to the employees. Staff appraisals should include safety as a performance criterion.

C) Operation: To check the production line capacities by viewing the worker’s shift (like 3 shifts a day).

D) Welfare:
1. Washing facilities - should be clean and readily accessible like shower should have hot and cold water, soap and clean towels or drying available. Males and Females should have separated facilities with a lockable door. 2. Drinking water - An adequate supply of high quality drinking water and suitable cups should be provided. 3. Facilities for rest and to eat meal – the rest area should be large enough and have sufficient seats with backrests and tables for workers to have a break .If the rest area can be used as eating facilities, it should provide the facilities to allow the storage of food and prevent the food being contaminated.

E) Personal attitude of employees: Measurements of the incentives and performance of the normal frontline staff and the outsourced workers
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