Manegerial Accounting Cases

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Foreword Case 1 Figure 8 Island Homeowners’ Association
Howard O. Rockness Joanne W. Rockness Charles L. Earney William J. Mayew

Case 2 China Huaneng Group
Thomas W. Lin Kenneth A. Merchant

Case 3 The Bala nced Scorecard at Cola
Lourdes F. White Neslihan Tuncbilek

Case 4 Balancing the Corporate Scorecard Interactive Simulation
Joseph G. Donelan W. Timothy O’Keefe

Case 5 Alternative Chargeback Systems for Shared Services at The Boeing Company: The Case of Voice Telecommunication Services
William R. Ortega

Case 6 Conagra Grocery Products
Lay Khim Ong

Case 7 High Tech (H-T) Incorporated
Jenice Prather-Kinsey

Case 8 Using Activity-Based Management in a Medical Practice
Gary Siegel Gail Kacicuba Nancy Mangold

Case 9 Linking Accounting, Marketing, and Production in an Experiential Exercise
Charlene W. Spoede Marjorie J. Cooper James R. Holt

Case 10 Eskom
Enrico Uliana Cliff Cooper

Forward This Web site contains the 10 teaching cases presented at the Management Accounting Section 2001 Research and Case Conference, January 18-20, 2001 in Savannah, Georgia. These cases were selected from 29 teaching cases that were submitted for presentation at the conference and publication by the IMA. I thank the authors for developing these cases, writing teaching notes, class testing the cases and presenting their materials at the Conference. The members of the editorial board join me in applauding the authors for a job well done. I also thank the discussants at the Conference for their insightful comments, as well as the Conference organizers and the AAA staff who work hard to make these conferences successful. Jim Mackey, my co-chair of the case portion of the Conference, did most of the work in putting the case portion of the Conference together. Jim Brackner helped immensely in providing a link between the IMA and the Management Accounting Section. I thank IMA for its support, particularly Leslie

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