Accounting Case 2

Topics: Debt, Financial ratio, Finance Pages: 4 (1048 words) Published: January 19, 2015
maximum length of your response is 3 pages. If necessary an additional two page appendix can be added for items such as illustrations, journal entries, financial statement items or IFRS or ASPE Standards extracts.  The appendix should not contain discussion or analysis. [That is, the overall limit is three pages + a two page appendix, if needed, for a total of 5 pages (single spaced, minimum 12 font)].  

For the most part, the background needed to complete the cases is readily available in the text, the CPA Canada Handbook, IFRS or in companies’ annual reports. The SEDAR web site is an excellent source of annual reports and the notes on accounting practices in these reports provide valuable background material on industry practices. In some instances, students will be expected to do some additional research to determine specific accounting practices not yet covered in the course or by accounting standards. There is no objection to students using the library and/or faculty members as resources particularly where knowledge of particular industry practices would be helpful. However, the final version of your submission must be your group’s alone. In preparing your report, keep in mind the role which you are taking, e.g. auditor, advisor, and the audience your report is addressed to, e.g. banker, owners, etc. Some cases require the student to make some assumptions. These should be reasonable given the circumstances of the case and should be clearly stated, with reasons. A good summary of an approach for accounting cases is provided on the inside of the front cover of the Kieso textbook.  Finally, your solution should look “professional”, therefore, you should carefully check to ensure proper spelling and grammar. [Page 1]

Iced Confections Inc.

Your partner, Paddy O’Flaherty, has just dropped a mountain of files and other paperwork on your desk and left instructions for you. You notice at the top of the instruction sheet, that he has marked the request...
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