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Topics: Energy, Endoplasmic reticulum, Hypothalamus Pages: 9 (1470 words) Published: December 3, 2013
Q ambiti0n is one of those __which is never satisfied.
A) ideas
B) fancies
C) energies
D) passions
Q. The opponents were outnumbered, but still the commander refused to give...? A) out
B) way
C) over
D) in
Q. spot the error
a. The dean of this college is a good friend of me.
b. There have been heavy rainfall yesterday!
Q. choose similar meanings
a. barbarian (uncivilized, civilized)
b. rude
Q. choose opposite meaning
a. uncertain (vague, doubtful, sure , clownish)
b. quote (cite ,analyze)
Q. Two masses of 7kg and 3kg respectively are hanging on a frictionless pulley... Calculate the acceleration due to gravity... A. 1 ms^-2
B. 2 ms^-2
C. 3 ms^-2
D. 4 ms^-2
E. 5 ms^-2
Q. a body is moving upward with a vel0city of 500 watt will be the height?

Q. A ball is thrown vertically upward with a velocity of 98 m/s, how high does the ball rise? (g = 9.8 m/s ) a.360 meters b.380 meters
c.490 meters
d.510 meters
e.320 meters
Q. which quantity can be described in terms of only two base quantities? a. Curent
b. Charge
c. force
d. temperature
Q.10 at given t taken a body at rest which then moves with an acelerati0n, after 3sec its momentum is? Q.11 Which pair includes a scalar quantity and a vector quantity? a. Kinetic energy and momentum

b. Potential energy and work
c. Velocity and acceleration
d. Weight and force
Q.12 a stone is whirled, the st0ne experience an inward f0rce by string which is? A. centrifugal f0rce
B. proportional to square 0f speed
C. tangent
D .inverse of square of speed
Q. 0ne v0lt can be defined as?
A.w0rk d0ne in m0vng unit p0sitve charge fr0m 0ne p0int to an0ther B.rati0 of energy dissipated at 0ne and other p0int
C.rati0 of p0wer dissipated at 0ne and other p0int
Q. w0rk d0ne by a c0nstnt s0urce 0f 1kW p0wer that is 1000 J per sec in 0ne hr is? a.kwh
b. watt
c. watt hour
Q. If in a parallel plate capacitor we insert a metal sheet of half the thickness as compared with the spacing between the plates of the capacitor, the capacitance becomes...? A) C/4
B) C/2
C ) 2 C
D) 4 C
E ) 0.5 C

Q. the focal length (f=10cm). At what distance object should be placed to get an image twice size of 0bjcet? Q. In difracti0n experiment, something d0ne by m0ving apparatus away fr0m screen such that plane wavefronts are obtained! This describes? A.michels0n diffracti0n

B.newt0ns diffracti0n
Q. Which of the following electromagnetic phenomenon wave nature is n0t enough to explain? A. Photoelectric effect
B. interference
C. Diffracti0n
Q. a freely falling object is an example of?
A.newt0ns first law
B.newt0ns 2nd law
C. Archimedes principle
Q. if resulting intensity is greater than individual intensities of two waves than it is? A. constructive interference
B. Destructive interference
C. Instinctive interference
D. n0ne
Q. for 0 to 10 degrees Celsius rise in temperature, volume of water will ? A. increase
B. decrease
C. first decreases then increases
D. no effect

Q. in an organ pipe if a person blows it fast then what change will occurs in sound waves ? I.speed
II. Amplitude
IV. Intensity
a.I n II
B.I 0nly
c III only
d I,II,III and IV

Q. A gas has a volume of 500 ml at 760 torr. What will be the pressure if the volume is reduced to 300 ml...? Q. A student calculates the result of an experiment as 1.65, 1.72 and 1.89... But when he checks the answer, it comes out to be 2.35. What would it be called? A = No precision and no accuracy.

B = No precision but accurate.
C = No accuracy but precise.
D = Accurate and precise.
Q. Heating a gas at constant volume will cause...
A . Increase in temperature.
B . Increase in temperature and internal energy.
C . Increase in internal energy.
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