Importance Of English LanguageImportance Of English LanguageImportance Of English Language

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Topics: Passive voice
Sri jaya jothi college of education English Section-a Time:1.30 hours
Class;ix marks:50
1.imminent-a.Important B.Immediate c.Imaginary 2.weary - a.Happy B.Sorrow c.tired 3.Glanced -a.looked b. blinked c.pondered 4.Irritated -a.conloused b.annoyed c.scared 5.Notice -a.Ignore b.Read
1.Death -Died b. Birth c. Dead
2.Peace -a.War b.silent c.Joy
3.Inhale -a.yawa b.Burp c.Enhale
4.Discourage-a.Encourage b.avoid c.forbid
5.Hastily - a.cluickly b.Hurriedly c.leisurely
II.Identiby the speaker.
1.He’s obviously mad’
2.I can hear every sob’
3.Let us pray’
4.You are a real comedian aen’t aren’t you
5.And it still weeping
III.Answer the following questions (any 5)
1.Why was scotts appeal rejected?
2.Who was the commanders –in-chiet?
3.what was he like when scott met him?
4.what is photic sneezing?
5.what causes a person it hiccllps?
6.when do we yawn? binger nails are help full it us? Section-b
1It’s very bael it say ----------to a person whom you -------------very well (steal, steel)
2.The thiele broke open the --------almirah to -------the jewels (know,no)
V.underline the verbs and say active or passive voice.
1.some people send more e-mail than paper mail.
2.Free online edition have been offered by many newspapers.
1----------A phone
3.---------clearly (speak,find,dial)
VII.identify gerund and intinifive-
1.Tom enjoyed walking
2.The time it think is now.
3.seeing is believing
4.Jackson came it help jerry
5.Writing is a good exercise foor exam
6.To sing was nithi’s hobby .
IX.Memory poem(8lines) The Apology From:think me------------- To: ----------------in my book.

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