Managing Sport Facilities

Topics: Management, Planning, Weight training Pages: 4 (1206 words) Published: July 28, 2010
II. Managing Sport Facilities

A Facility manager is the person responsible for coordinating all the employees and entities involved in the facility to ensure that they work on behalf of the facility. The head of the household or facility is usually known as the facility manager. A facility manager’s role is affected by the facility size and the workforce available to the manager. Facility Managers should have great management skills because their main priority is being a leader to many employees, and they also must have great business management skills. Being a facility manager is very similar to running a business; they should be able to hire the best employees and teach them everything he/she knows about the facility. If I was hired as the new manager of a public fitness facility in a small community I would develop a few very general and realistic goals and objectives. My first priority goal is to give our customers the best experience of a fitness facility they ever had, and being number one against all competition entering into our second year of business. The planning process is the most important stage in order to succeed all of our plans and goals. When planning a facility manager has to consider what the ultimate goal is, how they will go about meeting that goal, who or what will be their potential targets, and what activities or ideas they will create to draw targets in.

VIII. Facility Operations
Almost every sport facility in America is equipped with a weight room and a locker room. Those are two very popular components of a sports facility. Nevertheless, every facility doesn’t have the safest or cleanest weight room and locker room. If I had to plan the construction of the weight room or locker room, I would make sure the safety, sanitation, and rules are my first priorities.

The safety of a weight room and locker room are more important than anything that goes on in them. Weight rooms are so dangerous; that’s why it’s...
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