Managing Safety and Health at Workplace

Topics: Law, Employment, Negligence Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: April 19, 2013
as in constructions and laboratories . Ina a construction company , a manager has to ensure not only that the employees is wearing proper and safety equipment but as well as the usage of the proper technique and way of doing the job . On the other hand , the proper attire is very important in places wherein employees are expose to hazardous chemicals such as in laboratories and thus , it the managers responsibility to ensure that proper attires are used in the workplace . Every work has its own safety precautions that should be applied in to ensure the safety of the employees

Also , it is also the duty of the manager to consider not only the physical safety of the employee but as well as the employee 's interest in cases of accidents in the workplace . It is manager 's duty to ensure that an injured employee is taken care of and as well as to protect the employee 's interest through insurance

Although common law does not specifically provide the penalties when it is breached , court action may follow in cases wherein common law is breached (NSW WorkCover Website . It is then the duty of the court to decide what actions should be taken and what proper penalties should be imposed . The boundary of the penalty will also be determined by the court in to protect the interest of both the defendant and the prosecutor

On the other hand , the rights and welfare of the employees are also guarded and protected by the different laws and legislature by specifying the responsibilities of the managers to his or her employees One example would be regarding Tort Negligence wherein a party may sue another due to negligence of that party 's responsibility (NSW WorkCover Website . In this case , an employee may sue the employer in cases wherein the employer neglected his or her responsibility to his or her employee . In this case , the law is able to protect the interest and rights of employees that may occur due to irresponsibility and abuse of the employer . On the other...
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