occupational, safety, and security at work place

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Term paper on Occupational Health, Safety
& Security.


1.0 Introduction
1.1Background of the study
This paper addresses occupational Safety, Health and security policies in prime Aluminium Ltd which is an unavoidable aspect of manufacturing and this is so because the only time an employee will perform his duties is when the employee is in good health and is sure of a safe working condition. This boils to the fact that a worker will perform his duties to the fullest only when he is sure that even when an accident occurs he will be taken good care of. “One of the most important things that an employer should provide to his employees is safety even at a low risk site” says Pushpa Velani the human resource assistant at Prime Aluminium Ltd.

Brief History of Safety and security is that one of the effects of the Europeans coming into this part of the world was the introduction of wage-earning employment. In the course of time it was discovered that it was absolutely necessary to safeguard the interest of both the employer and the employee, hence the introduction of the various means of regulating employer-employee relationship. Initially, it was thought that the employees were being made objects of servitude but in the long run it became apparent that this sort of relationship requires the incorporation of rules to avoid either party being cheated out rightly. Labor law which was fashioned to ameliorate the prevalent crisis engulfing the industry in England at a time was adopted in Nigeria as a direct consequence of colonialism by the United Kingdom.

1.2 Purpose of the Study
The purpose of this study is to seek and to find out whether there are challenges inherent in this area that a human resource manager faces in his day to day routine duties within the organization thereby suggesting possible solutions that sought to overcome some of the challenges and well as providing some recommendations for the organization and to discuss and understand how Prime Aluminium Ltd deals with their occupational safety, health and security policy and what process it uses to achieve the broad objective of getting the relationship between employee and the employer and based on Prime aluminum Ltd.

1.3 Scope of the Study
By working on the term paper, I’ve been able to understand how the policy has been incorporated in the institution, the challenges faced in the human resource department in implementation of such a policy, the presentation of some of the solutions as well as some of the recommendations I’ve been able to come up in the course of my research.

When I carried out this research, I experienced some scopes in the area of this report. Bearing in mind the acquaintance and time of the paper has been wide-ranging specifically within the revision challenges inherent in the area of occupational health, safety and security suggesting the possible solutions as this area basically deals with the top management level and low management. Being a student of Human Resource Management class, I got a chance to work with the Assistant Head of Human Resource, Mrs. Pushpa Velani, where I got a chance and experience to engage on a one on one interview where she took me through the occupational health, safety and security policy and processes and how it makes sure they achieve their goals in the organization. 2.0 Focus on Organization

2.1 About Prime Aluminium Ltd
Prime Aluminium Ltd has over 40 years of experience in their team of specialists; Prime Aluminium Casements Limited (PACL) has built a reputation of providing high quality solutions for aluminium windows, doors, structural glazing, curtain walling, ceilings, partitioning, claddings, office fit-outs and external façade related requirements across all building sectors....

References: Afolabi, J. Fajemonyomi, M., Jinadu M. and ogunjoko (1993), A Case Study of Occupation Health Problems of a Match Industry in Nigeria. Nigerian School Health Journal 8(1)
Alberta. (2006). Building an effective health and safety management . [Online] Available:http://employment.alberta.ca/documents/WHS/WHS-PS-building.pdf (January 6, 2010).
6.0 Appendices
1. General information about Prime Aluminium
Brief history about Prime Aluminium
What are the objectives(mission and vision)
2. Information on safety , health and security policies and the challenges faced
How do you go about them to solve them
Employee perceptions
3. Other questions
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