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Background of Nestle Company

Nestlé’s foundation was built in 1867 on humanitarian needs and social responsibility when Henri Nestlé, a trained pharmacist, developed a healthy and economical alternative source of infant nutrition to save the life of an infant who could not be breastfed.  The Henri Nestlé endowed his company with the symbol derived from his name. His family coat of arms, the nest with a mother bird protecting her young, became the Company's logo and a symbol of the Company's care and attitude to life-long nutrition. The Nestlénest represents the nourishment, security and sense of family that are so essential to life. Nestle (Malaysia), a part of Nestle Group which is engaged in the manufacturing, marketing and sale of food, confectionery and dairy products in Malaysia. Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad is also an investment holding company. The Company operates in two segments: food and beverages and others. The company is headquartered in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, and employs around 5,000 people. The company markets over 300 Halal (permissible to use as per Muslim religion) products, reflecting Malaysia's Muslim religious beliefs, and its exports are certified Halal by JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia) or the Department of Islamic Development of Malaysia. Nature of business for Nestle (Malaysia) is mainly on food and beverages which are categorized into coffee and beverages; culinary aids/prepared foods, milks, liquid drinks, junior foods, breakfast cereals, chilled dairy, ice cream, chocolate and confectionery, healthcare nutrition, performance nutrition, and Nestle professional. Its major food products brands include MILO, NESCAFE, MAGGI, NESPRAY, LACTOGEN and KIT KAT. Today, more than 140 years later, Nestlé position as “a trusted food, nutrition and wellness company” continues with its founder’s legacy to improve lives and offers Good Food, Good Life to everyone. Nestlé's commitment to providing quality products to Malaysians dates back almost100 years ago and keep caring about the well being of its consumers.
Planning is about understanding the range of factors that influence product demand before devising the plans that will meet that expected demand. In planning stage, vision of the company must be clarified to make sure the planning goes accordingly to the company vision. Nestlé's vision is to make good food central to enjoying a good healthy life for consumers everywhere. This implies gaining a deeper understanding in many areas of nutrition and food research and transforming the scientific advances into applications for the company. Having a wide vision the company is doing its best for their consumers to show the good sense of responsibility. Besides, Nestlé’s objectives is to be recognize as the world leader in Nutrition, Health and Wellness, trusted by all its stakeholders and to be the reference for financial performance in its industry and this is why Nestlé company planning for globalization. The high quality products for which Nestlé has become renowned throughout the world The Company's strategy is guided by several fundamental principles. Nestlé's existing products grow through innovation and renovation while maintaining a balance in geographic activities and product lines. Moreover, Nestlé Company has planned for additional capacity at its manufacturing facilities. Therefore, the work force of the company can be increased and it has more advanced manufacturing facilities for workers to carry out day works in short time and produce products in a great volume in order to afford the demand of the consumers. Nestlé Company’s priority is to bring the best and most relevant products to people, wherever they are, whatever their needs, throughout their lives. Nestlé Company follows an way which is 'centralize what you must, decentralize what you can' which means each country is responsible for the efficient running of its business including the recruitment...
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