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TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary Objectives Research Methodology Introduction Studying the construction of BCG matrix for Nestle Conclusion Suggestions Limitations Bibliography Annexure – I (The BCG Matrix explained) Annexure – II (List of Nestle Products worldwide) Annexure – III (List of Nestle Products offered in India) Annexure – IV (List of provisional stores surveyed for the study)


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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Riding on the growth of its power brands, Nestle has extended its dominance in food business in India as well. However, a number of its brands require a repositioning. The present exercise is an attempt to analyse the position of the different brand offered by Nestle India. The aim is to assess the positioning decision of Nestle as far as its different brands are concerned while also looking for prospects that avail the Indian market. In this regard, the chapter titled introduction gives an insight into the objectives of the study, a brief explanation of the concept behind BCG matrix and also a brief overview of Nestle India. The bulk of the study has been done in the second chapter titled a study of the construction of the BCG matrix of Nestle and all the different brands offered by Nestle in India have been analysed along with a critical insight and also specific suggestion have been made therein. General suggestions as regards Nestle India’s operations follow the Conclusion while the limitations of the present study have been stated before the Bibliography.


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OBJECTIVES The objectives of the present study are, (i) To place the various brands of Nestle in India in the matrix as suggested by the Boston Consultancy Group, as based upon the data empirically collected. (ii) (iii) To analyse the brands so placed and critically compare their placement. To compare the outcomes so obtained and generate suggestions.

The achievement of the above objectives has been made by following the methodology as stated below.


SCOPE: This study aims to study the products offered by Nestle in India by placing them on the BCG matrix. The placement of the products on the matrix shall be on the basis of the empirical data collected in Jodhpur (India) from a number of sizeable provisional stores which place Nestle products for sale. METHODOLOGY: The present study constitutes the construction and study of BCG matrix of Nestle products on the basis of empirical data collected about Nestle products from six provisional stores in Jodhpur. The data has been collected by interview method and no formal questionnaire was administered to them on account of reluctance of the store managers as well as non-essentiality of the same in the present study. The study then follows a critical assessment of the positioning adopted for these products and exploring the possibility of turning the non-star products into stars, as classified in the matrix. The discussion on the possible transformation and the shift of the products from one grid to another is again based upon the data and opinion collected from the field study conducted while the formation of the strategy as well as the suggestions made therein, along with the critical analysis is solely of the researched who conducted and concluded the study. Instead of making a separate chapter of suggestions, on account of their relevance and appropriateness in the study, specific suggestions have been given along with the brands. Also, the chapter dealing with the critical examination of BCG matrix of Nestle has been merged with the construction of BCG matrix in order to render the comments on each products placed with products itself where they could be better understood in the light of the facts associated with...
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