Management Information Systems Project Guidelines

Topics: Strategic management, Porter five forces analysis, Value chain, Information systems, Management, World Wide Web / Pages: 3 (583 words) / Published: Nov 13th, 2010
In the Information Age that we have reached, many companies have made “their business their technology and their technology their business”. There is an element of technology in every business and regardless of what career you choose, you will be dealing with people, information, and information technology. To apply the information you have received in this course, you are to form a team of three and apply the project outlined below.
Project Content
The project to be submitted by you should have the following:
1. A Cover Page, including the project name, and the name of the project members.
2. A Table of Contents, including the titles of the main sections and the related page number.
3. All parts mentioned in the Project Content below.

Projects must be submitted as both hard and soft copies.
The deadline to submit the name of your team members and your choice is Jan 4,2010 by email.
The deadline to submit your final project completed is on Jan 19, 2009.
All deadlines are fixed and non-negotiable. Failure to meet any deadline will directly affect your final grade.
Group Presentations will be conducted during the last session.
Project Description
Pick an industry of your choice in which you would like to open a company in Lebanon. Answer the below questions to reflect your understanding of the material covered in this course. Focus on how you can gain a competitive position in your industry of choice by relying on new Information Systems.
Project Content:
Section One: Overview of Your Business
1. Choose a specific business to establish in Lebanon. Set your mission and objective(s). Describe the main departments you will have.

2. Choose a location for your business. Justify your choice.
3. How many branches will you have? Will you use warehouses?
4. Choose your product/ service. What is the

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