Country Notebook: Developing an International Marketing Plan

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Country notebook: developing an international marketing plan


Working in teams of 4 – 5 students you will analyze a country’s cultural and economic environment in order to develop a marketing program for a specific product or service. The purpose of this assignment is to facilitate cross-cultural understanding and evaluate a country’s market potential. You should work as if you represent a company planning to expand operations to several new countries. Your job is to analyze and tentatively propose a marketing program for the company’s product in one of the countries. The project includes a paper (15 pages plus as many appendixes, tables, etc. as needed) and a presentation (each group will have 15 minutes to present their work to the class). Please see The Country Notebook (p. 586) in International Marketing by Cateora and Graham.

Project Components

1) Identify country
2) Identify product and develop product fact sheet
3) Economic analysis
4) Cultural analysis
5) Market audit and competitive analysis
6) Marketing plan

1) Selecting a Country

Please choose a country that you have some interest in and would like to develop in-depth knowledge. There are only three restrictions in the selection of a country: 1) you must study a country other than your own, 2) two groups cannot select the same country, and 3) you cannot study the United States. You can select countries ranging from the most economically developed to most recent developing nations. You must have a country selected by week 3.

2) Selecting a Product

The focus of this project is exclusively consumer products. You may choose any consumer product. You must also produce a 1 page product fact sheet identifying the product and product features (e.g., brand name, description, usage, purpose, benefits, unit size, cost, contents or other relevant features). The product fact sheet is due in week 4. Also include your product fact sheet as an appendix in your final project.

3) Economic Analysis

Entire books have been written on the topics in this section, however I want you to demonstrate an understanding of the economic information and highlight points of particular significance from a marketing planning perspective. Potential categories of information include population, economic statistics and activity, developments in science and technology, distribution systems, and media. Adapt and modify these categories as necessary. In addition, provide a 1-page summary of the major economic points. The 1-page summary is due in week 6. Also place the summary in the appendix of your final project.

4) Cultural Analysis

You will need to report cultural facts that you have identified and analyze these facts in terms of likely marketing implications. Relevant cultural information includes geographical setting, social institutions (family, education, political, legal, etc.), religion, living conditions, and language. In addition to reporting facts, it is important to interpret this information. You must answer the question “What does this cultural information have to do with marketing?”

You will also have to complete a 2-page essay on “what it is like to be a citizen of” the country that you choose to study. The “what it is like…” essay is due in week 6. Also include your essay as an appendix in your final project.

5) Market audit and competitive analysis

This section is used to determine competitive market conditions and market potential. This information is then used to determine the extent of adaptation of the company’s marketing mix. Consider the product and the market (e.g., consider the conditions where the product will be sold, competitors, government involvement, market size, etc.).

6) Marketing plan

The information that you have developed should serve as a basis for your marketing plan. You need to identify the most effective means of marketing your product or service...
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