Management Information Systems of the Jamuna Fertilizer Company Limited

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Letter of submission 13.05.2014
Mr.Md.Rahimullah Miah
Lecturer of MIS
Department of business administration
Leading University Sylhet, Bangladesh.
Subject: Letter of submission
Dear Sir,
It is an enormous pleasure to submit my assignment titled “Management Information System of the Jamuna Fertilizer Company Limited”: A Case Study. A closer study assigned as a required of our course related. In preparing this assignment I have acquired much knowledge about “Management Information System”. I have tried my best to furnish the assignment with relevant data. Which I had to collect from online and related journal. I hope this assignment will help the related sector to gather some insights on the widows to do further studies in this aspect. I would like to convey my tributes to you and thank you for giving me the opportunity to work on this topic. Your queries in this aspect will highly be expected. Thank you

Sincerely your

Md. Ifthekhar Adib
ID: 1201010339
Section: G
7th Semester (30th Batch)
BBA Program
Department of Business Administration
Leading University Sylhet, Bangladesh.


At first, we convey our gratitude to the Almighty who made me able to complete this report. This work is a synopsis of our recent study on “Management Information Systems of the Jamuna Fertilizer Company Limited” as a part of assignment. I’m very fortunate that I have received at most and sincere guidance and co-operation from various people while preparing this assignment. At first I express my sincere gratitude to our respected teacher Mr.Md.Rahimullah Miah Lecturer of MIS of Leading University, Sylhet. For giving me an assignment on “Management Information Systems of the Jamuna Fertilizer Company Limited” which has given me a great opportunity to increase my knowledge on preparing an MIS report. Also teach us how to collect data or information.

Through this project report an endeavor has been taken to emphasize on Management Information Systems (MIS) and the need of it in an organization as well as in Bangladesh. MIS can be the foundation of a business but it can also be expensive. It is important that the information system should be designed and organized to match the needs of the firm. Designing and creating effective information system is a complex task and several techniques have been developed to manage organizations and build information systems because here in our country lots of companies being established rapidly. In spite of this the importance and implementation of MIS are also increasing rapidly. In this project we will focus on the role of MIS in

Jamuna Fertilizer Company Limited (JFCL). The Jamuna Fertilizer Company Limited (JFCL) is the largest enterprise of Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation (BCIC). JFCL is implementing MIS in most of their sectors, such as: Manufacturing, HRD, RSD, Org. structure, data transformation etc. The Management Team members of JFCL have strong backgrounds in both computer hardware and software development. This report will also provide information and identify the potential areas wherein the MIS could be effectively used. Management information system (MIS) or computer information system (CIS) consists of five related components: Hardware, Software, People, Procedure, and Collections of data. Information technologies (IT) represents the various types of hardware and software used in an information system including computers and networking equipment’s. The physical equipment used in computing is called hardware. The set of instruction that controls the hardware is known as software. MIS components work together to provide information and help managers run the firm, solve problem and make decision.  There is some lacking in business solving networking system like MIS/CIS/IT in the JFCL. Main barriers are a lack of leadership, motivation and shortage of skill manpower to implement MIS in JFCL.

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