Management Concept and Application Sample Questions

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Management Concept and Application
Section – A
1. What are the important principles of management? Explain their relevance to practice with examples. 

2. Describe American and Japanese styles of management. Explain their relevance to Indian Management. UNIT II
3. Explain the significance of quantitative approach to decision-making. Give an example of decision tree. 

4. “A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.” Justify this planning philosophy in effective management. UNIT III
5. Leadership based
6. Motivation based
7. Management control based
8. Managerial ethics and social responsibility based

9. Case Study 

When Mahesh joined XYZ bank in 1985, he had one clear goal to prove his mettle. He did prove and has been promoted five times since his entry into the bank. Compared to others, his progress has been the fastest. Currently, his job demands that Mahesh should work 10 hours a day with practically no holidays. Atleast two days in a week Mahesh is required to travel. 

Peers and subordinates at the bank have appreaciation for Mahesh. They don’t grudge ascersion achieved by Mahesh, thought there are some who wish they too had been promoted as well. 

The post of General Manager fell vacant. One should work in this post for a couple of years if he were to climb up to the top of the ladder. Mahesh applied for the post along with others in the bank. Chairman has assumed Mahesh that the post would be his. 

A sudden development took place which almost wrecked Mahesh’s chances. The bank has the practice of subjecting all its executives to medical check-up once in a year. The medical reports go straight to the Chairman who would initiate remedials where necessary. Though Mahesh is only 35, he too was required to undergo the test. 

Chairman received a copy of Mahesh’s physical examination...
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