Internship report on Citizens Bank International Ltd.

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1.1. Background of the Study
Project study is an essential and mandatory part for graduation program in the discipline of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). BBA is a four year program of management that is aimed at producing a capable middle level manager, who is self –motivated and capable to deliver his/her knowledge at the workplace. The Internship in the final (8th) semester of the program gives the way to practice what we have learnt. It enables students to apply their conceptual knowledge in the practical situation and to learn the art of conducting study and presenting its findings in a scientifically and systematic manner. The report has been prepared in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) at Nepal Commerce Campus, one of the leading institutions of Tribhuwan University. The present report has been prepared on the basis of experience obtained throughout the internship period. Primary source of this report preparation is the observation and personal experience in course of the involvement in the banking activities in the Maitidevi branch of Citizens Bank International Limited (CBIL), as an intern. The major part of internship was spent in the Customer Service Department (CSD) and rest time in the other departments such as credit department of Maitidevi branch. Customer service is the front desk of any organization where the organization makes first contact with the client and make sure the activities designed to satisfy the customers actually worked out or not. Loan department, on the other hand, is the department that generates the revenue for the bank. 1.2 . Objectives of the Study

The major objective of this internship program is to get a practical insight into the real-life activities of the financial institutions such as banks and be prepared for the practical work experience in the future by gaining practical knowledge and ideas about the banking

operations from Nepalese perspective. Specifically, the objectives of the study are: To make an analysis of the practical implementation of the theoretical knowledge gained through the classroom study. To be familiar with the various aspect of banking and develop an understanding about the activities of the banks. To understand the banking process of operations.

To improve the communication, interpersonal and public relation skill through direct interaction with the customer.

1.3. Limitations of the Study
It was a great opportunity to be an intern in the bank. The knowledge gained during the course of internship was a rare feat. However the internship had some limitations. The main limitations of internship are listed below: Study of each and every activities of the bank in depth was not possible due to the time constraint. The access to the all the types of information sought by the intern was not available because some of the information sought was beyond the operational scope of the branch and so supervisor was unable to fully explain the concept. Interns were not allowed to use the system and enter the cash department. The prime source of information for report preparation was the interaction with the CSD in-charge and the observation of the activities as well as the active involvement in the activities allowed to the interns.

1.4. Methodology of the Study
The report for the internship is based on the information and data gathered from the primary and secondary sources as mentioned below. This report tries to present an analysis of the organization (CBIL) along with the introduction of the banking industry, the bank itself and the activities performed in the bank as an intern as well as the conclusions and recommendations to the bank. The methodology is presented as follows:

1.4.1. Sources of Data
Primary Source of Data
Observation of working environment.
Direct interface with the walk-in customers.
Interaction with the staffs at different level...

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