Management Behavior

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Management Behavior
Your name
January 26, 2010

University Of Phoenix InterClean, Inc.

To: Supervisory Staff
From: Your name
Date: January 26, 2010
Subject: Management Behavior

As you are aware, our company is about to merge with EnviroTech, however, you might not be aware of how your behavior during this transitional time affects employee morale and productivity. This memo will outline the importance of the behavior exhibited by management. It will address the following key areas: How a manager’s behavior can affect the productivity of their staff. What types of management actions align with employment laws and those that do not. What are the best practices for working within a diverse work environment. Pursuant to Stephen J. Dorgan, “new research now confirms the notion that management matters to all companies, including top performers. While this finding is hardly a surprise, what is startling is just how much the decisions of managers matter. Managers are more important than the industry sector in which a company competes, the regulated environment that constrains it, or the country where it operates.” In other words, managers have a direct impact on their employees, which can affect overall productivity in the workplace. Therefore, as managers it is your responsibility to create a positive work environment during this time period as it has been brought to my attention that several employees have been discussing their future with InterClean after the merger is complete. Several employees are lacking the motivation needed to be productive due to their fears of being laid off. I can relate to the stress everyone is feeling due to the unknown. At my previous employer, every September I anxiously awaited for the new years budget to be approved. If it was not approved, there was the potential for our department to shut down until a budget was passed. Everyone would always talk about the possibility of losing his or her jobs if a budget agreement was not met. However, no one was ever permanently laid off; some of us had to transfer into different areas within our department. While there will be some changes that will occur due to this merger, we need to focus on maintaining employee morale and productivity as this merger will give us the opportunity to improve our customer service and increase our customer base. It is imperative that our staff maintains the same level of service to our existing customers during this time. As managers, we must also explain the importance of employment laws to our staff. By doing so, we can eliminate some unnecessary lawsuits and grievances. As you are aware, the equal employment opportunity guidelines have six protected classes that cannot be discriminated against race, religion, national origin, age, sex, and physical disabilities. There are also 13 other employment laws which you should become be able to explain to your employees. We need to make sure that we as managers are following these employment laws and that we are not discriminating against any one based on one of the protected classes. Finally, when analyzing staffing needs it is important for you to consider the diversity among your staff members. David Guzman stated, “We must extend the notion of diversity beyond ethnicity and gender to include diversity of thinking, expression, style, and generation.” Therefore, when analyzing your team, make sure to take all of these factors into consideration. Lenora Billings suggests that “developing the diversity dimension of leadership requires a commitment to demonstrate the following behaviors on a regular basis: Learn the professional aspirations of all team members and support their efforts to achieve them. Create opportunities for highly talented employees to be exposed to leaders who may not otherwise interact with them. Create cross-functional teams.

Volunteer for community projects that teach tolerance, both...

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