Management and Leadership Paper 1

Topics: Management, Leadership, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 3 (787 words) Published: December 5, 2010
Management and Leadership Paper

Management and Leadership Paper
Kimberly Maples
University of Phoenix
Instructor: Stewart Edinger
March 21, 2010

Management and Leadership Paper
In organizations management is accountable for creating systems and operations which aid in producing a desired result and the effortless running of a company. Leadership requires that a person, sometimes a manager, shape the vision of the company through assembling skilled workers, while inspiring team members to work toward a common goal. Viskase uses both management and leadership in the organizational structure of the company. “A manager’s job is to plan, organize, and coordinate (Dow Jones & Company, 2010).” “The leader’s job is to inspire and motivate (2010).” The plant manager of Viskase Corporation has a very difficult job. This manager delegates tasks to his subordinates (supervisors), who in turn delegate to those employees that are on the production lines. Managers have a position of control and power that is given to them by the company. A manager’s perspective is to focus mainly on systems and structures of the business. The plant manager’s dream team of subordinates includes, the head of the engineering department, accounting manager, shipping and receiving manager, production manager, and maintenance manager. Each of these department heads are responsible for the delegation of tasks to their subordinates to complete assignments that have been handed out from the plant manager. “Leadership bears the responsibility to inspire people and produce meaningful changes in the company (Smith, R., 2009).” In the article Strategies that Organizational Managers & Leaders Can Use To Create & Maintain a Healthy Organization, Robert Smith says that good leadership entails the ability to articulate a vision, align the people’s talents and efforts of the company’s direction and keeps them focused on the set vision by motivation...
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