Management and Leadership in Organizations

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Distinction of management and leadership has been a topic of interest for industrialists and students for a long time now. There a has been a steady shift of interest in the past few years for the latter of the subject, as the industrial environment grew more dynamic and ever-growing, gradually leadership gained more importance. There’s is a very fine line of distinction between these two concepts, they are defined differently but they do overlap every now and then. An organizational goal cannot be achieved by just giving importance to one of the function. A firm without a good leader, but a poor management won’t survive long; the vice-versa of this case is even more dangerous for any organization. The main similarities between leadership and management are that both of these function aims at attaining objectives and goals. Mainly the leader come hand-in-hand as the leader sets the objectives and the mangers tend to achieve them. Another similarity is that both utilize resources and mobilize according to demand of the company. Motivating is one thing the management and leadership has to do like as they depend on their sub-ordinates to achieve the goals. The managers and leaders direct the lower-level workers or (followers) and the final result relies upon them, so motivating comes in handy. A functional similarity of leaders and managers are that both act as middle-men between the owners or board members and subordinates, it is the responsibility of the managers and leaders to communicate the decisions of the board to workers and organize the firm according to the needs of the board. Hence leaders and managers are part of board meetings in which both need to take up the active role of devising strategies and they communicate them with the rest. Leaders are influencers and mangers are safe keepers. Leadership is the process of getting things done by setting an objective and directing employees towards it, they set new values, rules and regulations in a firm;

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