Management and Leadership

Topics: Management, Facility management, Leadership Pages: 5 (1891 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Management and Leadership
Myra Stilwell
MGT/330 - Management: Theory, Practice and Application
September 13, 2012
Peter Espeut

Management and Leadership skills are very important to the world of industry. This is a true statement at Dal-Tile International. Dal-Tile is an international producer of tile products for home and commercial use. Dal-Tile produces tile by using a tunnel kiln and or a fast fire kiln. The tile body consists of ceramics, glaze, and quarry and can be used on walls, floors, bath areas and kitchen areas. Also the tile Dal-Tile produces can be used inside or outside and is seen in places such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wal-Mart delis, Home Depot and Lowes. Dal-Tile produces tile in the United States and Mexico and sells to countries around the world such as China. To be able to coordinate, produce, ship, stay financially in budget, employ people and keep customers happy Dal-Tile must depend on its managers and leaders to take control of the goal, job or function that is set for that particular leader or manager. Managers and leaders can be two different people or can be one in the same. Both managers and leaders are working towards accomplishing a goal. More often than not the goals that managers and leaders are working toward are the same. There are times when managers and leaders are working towards different goals. This could happen when a manager is working towards a budget goal or an overall production number and the leader may be working on a daily production number or a cost savings measure. Managers can be described as people who administrate, execute goals, or supervise. Managers are often known for working in a routine. Managers will do the day-to-day functions such as reporting numbers or schedules. They will take care of budgeting, purchasing, supervising, maintaining employee headcount, create and apply policies. At the Dal-Tile facility that I'm familiar with the management team receives goals, policies and other tools from corporate. The facility managers are then expected to implement the goals and report back to corporate the results. Dal-Tile corporate uses Market Control to too dictate the amount of production a facility will produce. Market Control can also dictate wages that are offered, price of the finished product, where the product is shipped and sold. Outsourcing is an option inside Market Control. This option can help cut the cost of production or even the cost of administrative work. When producing tile it is not an option to outsource due to the fact that tile is not a "part" product. Tile production starts with the raw materials and then is made into a piece of time by using chemicals and machinery and of human employees. Once the production number is dictated that number would then dictate the budget the facility would need and also the number of employee that would be needed to obtain the production needs. Once the goals are set for the facility the individual facilities would then use the Bureaucratic Control System to make sure that all the goal that are sent down from corporate will be achieved. The Control Cycle helps the facility managers to obtain the goals set up and relayed from corporate. Using the production goal as an example, the facility managers would set up performance standards, measure the performance, compare the performance with the standard and see if there are any deviations from the standard, and then take actions to correct the problem and reinforce the standard. Let's take each step of the cycle one at a time. SOPs, or Standard Operating Procedures, are created for each job function that is needed on the production floor. The SOPs are set up by a member of the facilities management team. The SOP will spell out the correct procedure to perform the job down to the finest detail including measurements, production speeds, materials needed, chemicals needed and any other detail that would help the operator complete the...
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