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1a. What kind of workplace would Henri Fayol create?

Henri Fayol (1841-1925) was a French engineer. He belongs to the Classical School of management theory and has written on and explored the idea of General Administrative Theorists. Fayol was particularly interested in authority and its implementation. He advocated a consistent set of principles that all organizations need to be run properly.

Fayol emphasized five management functions: planning, organization, commanding, coordinating, and controlling. Most of these activities are very task-oriented, rather than people-oriented. They still form the basis of much of modern management thoughts and actions.

He also identified fourteen principles that he saw as common to all organizations. They are: Specialization of labor.
Unity of command.
Unity of direction.
Subordination of individual interests.
Scalar Chain.
Personnel Tenure.
Esprit de corps.

Fayol believed that management was an activity common to all human endeavors in business and government. The 14 principles of management are fundamental rules of management that could be taught in schools and extensively applied in all organizational situations.

Workplaces adopting the General Administrative Theorists will usually emphasize clear division of work; each staff should have specific roles and duties. Top management will give authorization to managers, whom in turn will give order and power to exact obedience. The organization should always focus a single plan of action to guide managers and workers. A fair remuneration system will be applied for all staff. In these organizations, management functions will be consolidated while decision is usually made from top to bottom, therefore, a clear scalar chain is a must. All personnel and materials have a prescribed place and time. Equality of treatment is highly recognized. Being such, the...
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