Management Assignment Ryanair

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Business Management (BM291)

Date: 30/11/09

Table of Contents
Q1.Manager Profile & Job Description3
Key Accountabilities:3
Management Roles4
Meeting challenges4
Summary of work experience & educational attainment5
Organisational Chart6
Q2.Comparisons against Fayol’s key managerial roles7
Q3. Future challenges of the Ryanair Director of Operations10 Q4. Effectiveness of the Manager11
SWOT matrix for Ryanair Director of Operations17
PESTEL for the Ryanair Director of Operations19
Competing Values Model (Quinn et al)21


We have selected a senior manager in Ryanair for our assignment because one of our team members is a direct employee of the Operations Manager in Ryanair. Ryanair is also one of the most controversial and interesting Irish companies working in the international environment. It is a company that clearly struggles with employee relations despite its undoubted leadership of the European airline industry.

Q1.Manager Profile & Job Description

Name: Mr. David O’ Brien, MBA Strategic Management, BA Business Management

Position: Director of European Operations, Ryanair

For this assignment the objective was to interview a manager and produce strong arguments for or against their perception of French management theorist Henri Fayol’s “14 principles of management”. To ensure efficient use of the manager’s time we constructed a questionnaire based on Fayol's 14 principles and during the interview our subject was asked to give an honest opinion of each, and determine its effectiveness in today’s business world.

Key Accountabilities:

Direct operations on Ryanair’s 37 bases and 950 low fare routes across 26 countries. •Coordinate the daily movements of over 200 of Ryanair’s aircraft on the ground and in the skies across Europe. •Plan and develop operational strategies to realise predefined company goals. •Organise and determine appropriate staff levels, schedules, and resources. •Lead and motivate a team of managers in fulfilling the objectives of the operations department. •Promote clear communication and resolve conflicts should they develop. •Manage “On time Performance” initiatives and implement strategies to maintain the airline's overall operational efficiency. •Ensure that the operation aligns to internal and external policies, rules and regulations. •Manage department budget.

Management Roles

From analysis of Henry Mintzberg’s ten management roles we can summarise Mr O’Brien’s roles are as follows:

(Interpersonal)Senior management roles such as Strategy formulation, directing and influencing, motivation of subordinates Disturbance Handler (Decisional)Manage serious conflict
Resource allocator
(Decisional)Manage operational budget, people and other assets

Meeting challenges

To meet such a huge logistical challenge Mr O’Brien firmly believes in employing “the one best person for the job”, as a result each of his subordinates possess some of the highest qualifications in the aviation industry. Mr O’Brien reserves absolute authority over his department and believes that clear effective communication is crucial to achieving 100% operational efficiency.


Mr O’Brien reports weekly to the CEO along with the rest of the top-level managers in the organisation. They discuss company strategy and establish policies which directly affect the whole organisation. •Further down the scalar chain of command middle managers submit daily reports containing detailed Key Performance Indicators based on the previous day’s activity. This helps produce a clear picture of the overall level of efficiency and productivity. •A crucial component of these reports is on-time performance. If a flight does not depart/arrive on time a follow up investigation...

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