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MKT 334
Prof: Aditya

Glaceau Smartwater
At the beginning of the semester, I became quite fascinated with the print ads for Glaceau Smart water. It did not take long after the professor introduced to the class a printed ad feauturing Jennifer Aniston for me to started looking at some of their other ads. Glaceau Smartwater print ads are both sexy and classy, also very appealing in most cases. Glaceau Smartwater is part of the Coca-Cola’s family, which, by the way is the world largest beverage company. I chose this print ad in part because of its appeal and also because it speaks to me. This print ad (featuring Idris Elba) is both sexy and classy, I can honestly say that I can see myself in the ad (well, I am sexier…) One thing that strikes me with the all of the Smartwater ads is the messages, they are very consistent in what they want to convey. It doesn’t matter who they use on a print ad the message remains very consistent.

In this particular ad, the target audience is very clear, they are going after business, professional and successful individuals. In this ad for example they have Idris Elba walking in a nice suit with his Smartwater on hand and a nice and perhaps expensive sports car in the background. The message is clear: Smart, sexy, successful and healthy looking people drink Smartwater.

In this ad, I can say, the execution, the idea, the proposition and concepts were very well put together. The message was clear and it was very appealing. Smartwater does not just go by its name. The company also conveys that message with its ads. As a consumer, I am very convinced. It demonstrated what the water is about.

Not only is this ad memorable, I can pretty much say, each and every single print ad from Glaceau Smartwater are memorable. The executions are right to the point. Whether it be the campaign with Jennifer Aniston, Idris Elba, Tom Brady and other notable celebrities and sport athletes, they do a marvelous job and maintaining that...
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