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Mintzberg role explain and evaluate|

This reports aim is in task 1 to explain and evaluate mintzberg three managerial roles and task 2 to explain and evaluate how manager can develop in this exercise. Sainsbury’s was founded in 1869 .now it has more than 1000 superstore and convenience stores and 150000 colleagues.(Sainsbury’s history 2013) Sainsbury’s Lombard street is a convenience store .it’s a well known retail store in UK. In Sainsbury’s 1000 store this is a store with 45 colleagues and located Sainsbury’s Lombard street convenience established 2005 in this store Manager name is Mohammed Azharul Islam , He is 35 years old .He complete his post graduate from City university London ,he is Bangladeshi. He is unmarried .he is member of London ambulance and child care charity organization .He is working in Sainsbury last 8 years and in this store he came as a manger nearly 1 year .He has been awarded so many time as a best manager of the year in convenience store. TO explaining and evaluating how the manager carries out Mintzberg’s three managerial roles it is important to find out what it all these managerial roles and how it relates to the manager’s daily activity. Three different roles of manager is going to examine below .Ten roles are divided into three major categories as below Interpersonal, Informational and Decisional. Figurehead: In terms of social, legal, ceremonial responsibilities and matter of formalities, manager represents organisation and that is how the manager become inspiration for the people to follow him as a figurehead. Work group tend to follow the manager as a person with authority boddy d.(2009). However, Sainsbury’s manager Mr. A represents the organization to outside of organisation such as attending seminar, promotion, and Social occasion and also in side of organisation such as top management and work group, which indicates that he has got the personality to be followed by others. he is the who can be a role model for others who working under him. V.s.baged ,(2009)Being manager of an organisation in leader role, leader develops relationship with workers as he makes them follow the order as well as motivate and train the workers. Part of the example, Mr A. provide his leadership towards his workers and explain the way to perform in ability or monthly basis. One of the significant skills (Leadership) helps manager Mr A to build up combination between worker and their work in order to run the organisation efficiently. He provides direction and motivation to others to reached aim of organization. He has got the power to be a role of leadership. Liaison: According to boddy d.(2009) liaison role indicate managers run a system to do business which centre on connect with those people are direct external point and buy benefits , the managers are given a great percentages of energy and time specially chief executive and sales manager. in Sainsbury manager Mr A. has given his 8 years to Sainsbury ,he has been maintaining a great contacts with other managers, those are external relation between his and others branch , he is able to maintained the networking on behalf of his organization . Mr A arrange a meeting in every period and discuss about all updates ,problems .promotions ,target sale , so then he make changes to the organization about its growth and further step. Spokesperson: V.S. bagged, (2009) A Manager delivered update news of organization to media and outer area like government or nongovernment people society and the area that has direct or indirect interest on organization. Manager Mr A. He is the one person who represents organization who talks about the annual report, various kind of success in front of reporters and also TV, radio, different kind of seminars, meetings. He speaks about...
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