Manage Your Own Career V Working with Grroups

Topics: Grammatical person, Writing, Personal pronoun Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: April 4, 2013
After finish studying the two articles from guidance manual, there are talks about “Discover Your Purpose” by Warren Frehse and “Working with Groups” by Trevor Tyson. The article which is written by Warren Frehse is talk about how we discover our working purpose and what can we do when we are finding a career. Besides that, the author also has stated about why we need to choose a job instead the job is not an easy task. We can clearly know that Frehse is passionate about the need to enjoy work. However, Trevor Tyson draws on authoritative-sounding research in his discussion of how people work together in team or groups that included some argument. In this essay, I would like to discuss some differences between these two articles through the features which are usage of personal pronouns, contraction and source of information. And I found that, Frehse’s article is a non-academic article whereas Tyson’s article is an academic article. The first difference of the feature is the usage of personal pronouns. According to Frehse’s article, he uses a lot of “I”, “we”, and “you” by using the first and second person pronouns. For example, “In this chapter, I give some techniques, clues and inspiration to help you find, clarify or detect what your particular purpose is so that your career can be its natural extension.” (Frehse, 2003: p.55). However, Tyson’s article is use about third person pronouns that consist with “he”, “she”, or “it” to interpret for example “Levinson’(1978) proposed a different set of catagories that are even more analogous to the way groups tend to develop. He saw the life-cycle of western men as a succession of relatively stable eras separated by transitional periods of change.” (Tyson, 1998: p.6) The second difference of the feature is contraction. Frehse’ article is use non-academic writing style as informal way and make two words into one word such as “are not” become “aren’t”. This is not an academic style of writing which can found in the...
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